Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The first official website from Norse Folk Metal band FJÖRD

FJÖRD have just put their official site online:

Watch out for their Debut CD titled "Vor Tru" that will be released sometime in 2008 by Totenkopf Propaganda Productions

Sunday, December 2, 2007

"Those Who Want To Create...Must Have The Will To Destroy!" Split 7"EP Out Now!!!

Those Who Want To Create...Must Have The Will To Destroy!

Split 7" ep by Der Sturmer / Evil / Nacht und Nebel

Exclusive track from each, comes with insert.

5 Eur + postage
Distros/Labels/etc ask for wholesale prices and/or trades.


bop (at)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

THE NIGHT AND THE FOG Part III "Underground Heathen Hammer" Comp. CD Available Now!!!

Finally, 4 years since the release of the 2nd Volume, the 3rd part is out now! Coming with 20-page booklet and including ONLY unreleased tracks from The Pagan Front and related hordes.

The Complete Track list is:

HUNOK(Hung) "Hadur"

DARK FURY(Pol) "A Gift"

TYRANATH(Usa) "Heathen Heart"

KRODA(Ukr) "Blood Rains Down"

ULFHETHNAR(Arg) "Warriors of The Eagle And The Serpent"

XENOPHOBIA(Usa) "Norseman"

PANZERGREIF(Fra) "Panzergreif"

EVIL(Bra) "Ancient Hatred"

GRAVELAND(Pol) "Spear of Wotan"

FJORD(Can) "Remember"

SOMBRE CHEMIN(Fra) "L`Aurore Fraternelle"

MARTIAL(Pol) "Mtot na Chrzescijanstwo"

EVIL INCARNATE(Usa) "Killed by The Lions"

SIGVEGR(Bra) "Chaos Propaganda"

Price : 10 Euro

Wholesales available and trades are very welcomed!

Paypal Orders :

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Live in Finland!

Furore Finnum Presents:

The Tyrants of German Black Metal for fist time on Finnish soil!

Hellenic NS/Heathen Black Metal. First stage appearances outside Hellas!!

Traditional Finnish Black Metal

1-2-2008 Yo-Talo TAMPERE, K-18
2-2-2008Annankatu 6 PORI, K-16

Tickets: 12 Euro

Pre-sale: 1/12/07 - 25/1/08

For More info contact:

Sunday, November 11, 2007

DER STÜRMER/ TOTENBURG "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" Split CD/LP Out Now!!!

DER STÜRMER/ TOTENBURG "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" Split CD/LP
With total scorn against the current of modern decline and in Defence of Ancient Europe, illuminated by the Apollonian rays of Awakening and Rebirth, the Germano-Hellenic Revengful Knighthood of DER STÜRMER and TOTENBURG have launched a Relentless Onslaught straight to the heart of the enemy. With five new tracks from the side of DER STURMER and two long (11 min each) from the side of TOTENBURG, this is a Furious Invocation to Our Wargods and a Praise to the Ways of Old... THE RIDERS OF RETALIATION SHALL HAUNT THE SKIES & WOODS OF EUROPA AGAIN............

Digipack Cd, Normal jewel case CD and Gatefold LP available from DEATHSQUAD REX



DER STÜRMER Official website:

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

7th Annual Hellenic Youth Festival

Official statement of the GOLDEN DAWN

This yearʼs Annual Hellenic Youth Festival, which took place on Saturday 27th of October, in a wonderful location in a central Athens park, was the most successful ever. It was organized exceptionally, by the Youth Front of the Golden Dawn Movement, despite the provocation by the establishment and the media lies, during the preceding days. The numbers of the participants were high and almost 1000 people were present, in a pleasant afternoon. Everyone enjoyed the festivities, which included: Video projections with Nationalist activities and historical documentaries, speeches by the organizers of the Youth Front and the leader of the Golden Dawn Movement, N. Michaloliakos and, also, a live show with Hellenic Nationalist bands. The Festival was a good opportunity for many young people to learn about the principles of the Hellenic Nationalist Movement, to find literature about our Ideology and to get in touch with the Youth Front. This year, we set high standards for our future activities in the ongoing struggle for Race and Nation.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The life of "El Greco"

Here is the trailer of the film "El Greco" based on the life of the wellknown Hellenic painter of the Renaissance Dominikos Theotokopoulos. "El Greco" considered worldwide by one of the most imprortant painters, perhaps equal to masters like Michelangelo or Raphael. During his life in Spain he puted on trial by the Holy Inquisition and was one of the very few that in the end managed to get free of any charges. For sure today D.Theotokopoulos is an important part in the history of European art.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

David Irving "But now i`m ready to start again"

English historian David Irving continues to dissapoint his enemies. Despite all the witch-hunt from the system against him, David Irving stated in a recent interview to "The Guardian" that soon he will launching his comeback with a speaking tour in various cities and a series of new books.

David Irving is a man who faced jail, bunkrupted, and puted on several trials based on false accusations and lies. A True Historian who in his crusade for truth sacrificed his personal freedom. How such a man in his quest for truth and justice will continue this amazing work if at least will not have our financial support?

His books is already translated in several languages, but in case that you can`t find at your country. Buy them directly here:

This site also contains free downloads from several of Irving`s works plus a nice index with Documents on the Life and times of Adolf Hitler that rarely you`ll see in any other site.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

7th Hellenic Youth Fest

On 27th of October Golden Dawn organizes the 7th Fest of Hellenic Youth. Here is a video clip contains some good moments from last year`s Golden Dawn activity(marches, riots with Police, gigs e.t.c.).

Saturday, September 29, 2007

A view in The Life of The Monarch of Bayreuth

To continue my previous post, here is something that i wanted to write for many months now but all the time postoponed it.

We all know the works of the biggest (I`ll dare to say) composer this world ever known, Richard Wagner. Most people that i have spoke on the matter, never bother to search further on the everyday life of the composer and the background of the music they hear.
I already had several cds with Wagner`s music and also his book "Judaism in Art" , but things were not so simple in his life. Richard Wagner was an artist-fighter. A true revolutionary who left a peaceful life full of wealth in King's court, and hunted, boycotted, back stabbed and spend most of his life as a fugitive because of his ideas and actions.

Two years ago i came in touch with the Wagner series. This turned out to very imformative and a perfectly maded Epic! A real suprize for me. "Wagner" is a huge nine-hour biographical panorama of his life. So far i had watched it 3 times and i can assure you all that this one of the best series ever. Richard Burton as Richard Wagner did a really impressive performance. Other known actors on this Vanessa Redgrave, Ralph Richardson, Lawrence Olivier and more. The whole filming took over seven months in locations like Switzerland, Bavaria, Venice, Sienna and Hungary.

In the series you`ll be able to see many details of the everyday life of Wagner, the way he wrote and composed the operas, his action during the Dresden Revolution, his life in various coutries, the boycotting of the jews and the jewish composer Giacomo Mayerber. A big "plus" in the series is the great landscapes, the narrator, and ofcourse the soundtrack of the film which is Wagner`s music blended perfectly with the whole atmosphere.

Unfortunately, there is not many places that you can find this Epic available. But Amazon have it for sale:

Further, if anyone wants to get more details about Richard Wagner and his life, can read his autobiography titled "My life"
Vol.1 :

"I was, moreover, much impressed by a biography of Mozart which was read aloud; and the newspaper accounts and monthly reports of the events of the Greek War of Independence stirred my imagination deeply. My love for Greece, which afterwards made me turn with enthusiasm to the mythology and history of ancient Hellas, was thus the natural outcome of the intense and painful interest I took in the events of this period. In after years the story of the struggle of the Greeks against the Persians always revived my impressions of this modern revolt of Greece against the Turks."

Richard Wagner "My Life"

Richard Wagner died in Venice in 1883, as long as he lived his dream for a united Germany, reborn from its Mythic/Heroic Past doesn`t became true. Few years later, a man borned in Austria, took the torch and carried Wagner's vision, restored his legacy with the honour and respect that the name truly deserved!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cola Di Rienzo - The Unknown Roman Revolutionary Hero

Several weeks ago and while listening some parts of Wagner`s "Rienzi" i was wondering, ok we all know more or less the concept behind most of Wagner`s works. But i never checked whats really is "Rienzi", suddenly it came to my mind the words of August Kubitzek about Rienzi and Hitler`s comments about it:

"Rienzi had a great impact upon Hitler. According to August Kubitzek’s own words, Hitler was overtaken by a mystical obssession the very day they watched together for the first time Wagner’s opera, "Rienzi": when they left the opera, Hitler was silent and grim. When they reached a hill, he grabbed Kubitzek’s hands and spoke in a deep, harsh voice, far different from his usual speeches, exclaiming that Providence would bestow upon him a great mission. He was speaking as if he was overtaken by a Force, a Force that was speaking through Hitler. From that evening on, Hitler was ensured for his Fate, waiting for Providence to bestow him his Mission. To put it in Hitler’s words: "…to understand National Socialism, one must first understand Wagner, particularlly Rienzi and Parzifal"."

Searching for the history of Rienzi i founded out an incredible story behind this person. You can read more info about him and his life in wikipedia:

Further, a comrade found out and sent me the link of a book about Rienzi writen by Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton in 1835:

Rienzi - The Last of the Roman Tribunes

I myself, had not the time yet to check yet deeply this book but from the very few that i read here and there it looks very intresting and informative.Besides, the name of Sir Lytonn alone guarantee this i think.
And while the readers of this blog read this post and probably checking the above mentioned links, you can use as background a 13 min track(Live version) that i uploaded and taken from Wagner`s "Rienzi" and titled "Die Algunder"

P.S.1 The photo i post here is from a statue of Rienzi in Rome. The reason that i especially mentioned it here is this:

"The base for the statue is composed of bricks and other fragments from ancient Roman ruins, symbolizing the idea that Rienzo's period of rulership was based on the ideals of the ancient Roman Republic."

P.S.2 Speaking about Richard Wagner, we have not finished yet. In my next post to this blog, i have to show you something related to him that will help anyone who intrested to understand better and deeper the importance of his life and the meaning of his works.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Debunking the Myth of Homosexuality in Ancient Hellas

One of the biggest lies today is that homosexuals was widely accepted in the Ancient Hellenic world, something which ofcourse is a lie. Here is a video (With English subtitles) which you can take a good in-depth view about homosexuality in Ancient Hellas.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Irish Heathens PRIMORDIAL reveal new album

Finally, 2 years after the brilliant "The Gathering Wilderness", the Irish Heathens coming up with a new album. Here is the official Press Statement taken from



So we are finally finished the recording of our sixth album. After a few rain sodden weeks locked up in Foel Studios in North Wales “To The Nameless Dead” is for all but mastering and final artwork completed.

This time far away from the chaos and negative influences of a big city the recording process was far smoother and more complete then we have ever known. We left at the end quietly satisfied as opposed to feeling like our nerves were shot and far more stressed then we began. Much of this we owe to Chris Fielding who engineered it and put many long hours into its creation and to Dave Anderson who has created something we can only call a “good vibe” in the middle of nowhere far from the meddling influence of civilisation….immense thanks.

The sound is of course instantly recognisable as PRIMORDIAL but more powerful then before, heavier and richer with a much more rounded sound then before. Whereas "The Gathering Wilderness" was a dark often impenetrably bleak work “To The Nameless Dead” has found the fire in its veins to defy, to rebel, to stand up and oppose all. This is a vast and epic album, more pounding and full of rage than PRIMORDIAL has been for many a winter…

It is defiantly at odds with a modern metal scene that often seems to place banality, mediocrity and safety above passion, honesty and truth.It does not sound like a computer recorded it, it does not sound like a procession of riffs simply poached from metals founding fathers, it is not a mindless exercise in musical masturbation. This is Metal as it was meant to be played. With Passion…

We play music because we have to…this is in our veins. This is our culture, our history, our folklore, our heritage. We make no apologies, we will not compromise. And now with our sixth album “To The Nameless Dead” we are about to make our strongest statement yet…

Acta Non Verba
Ad Asperum Finem
Vae Victis

European release date – November 19th
First edition will contain a limited live disc recorded at Rock Hard Open Air in a lavish book format.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Southern Hemisphere rarely dissapoints!

How many of you are familiar with LONG VOYAGE BACK?
Its a band created by Phil Gresik who previously involved in other Australian bands like Bestial Warlust/Destroyer 666, Hobbs Angel of Death e.t.c. I noticed several years now the band`s name mentioned in many zines and playlists but for some strage reason i had never checked their material. Yesterday i found a track of them on youtube and i was fucking suprized!!! Long Voyage Back sound totally different from all the other Aussie hordes that most people know. Sounds to my ears like a mix of Irish Primordial (music-wise) combined with chanting-like vocals.
Long Voyage Back stuff now is a top priority for me and its something that i`ll for sure hunt down in the next days.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ingmar Bergmann lost the chess match with Death at the age of 89

I became familiar with Bergman's works a couple of years ago. My first touch with his films was ofcourse with the Classic Masterpiece "The Seventh Seal" (Original title "Det Sjunde Inseglet"). I was really suprized of how Bergman managed to capture so perfectly the magical atmosphere of the Middle Ages(The excelent performance of Max Von Sydow helped as well into this), the Black Death and the religious themes around it. The Seventh Seal is definately a big chapter in the history of European Cinema. Since "Det Sjunde Inseglet" Bergman created many films which to be honest i have checked only a few ( "Jungfrukällan" is another good film as well), but The Seal and only The Seal is enough to put Bergman in the list of my favorite directors.

Sometimes words are not enough to describe some things.Here you can see the 1957 trailer of "The Seventh Seal", those who already saw the film will understand what i mean, those who dont, i`ll advice you to throw now in the trash can the plastic hollywood carbage and put your hands as soon as possible to the real DARK ART!

Ingmar Bergman died few days ago (30th of July) at his home in Faro island , Sweden.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

METAPEDIA:The Alternative Electronic Encyclopedia about Culture, Art, Science, Philosophy and Politics.

Most of you already know the online library Wikipedia. Today i found METAPEDIA, which from the first view i had looks pretty good! I`m always glad to see people like us, with the same passion about our European Heritage & History to come with such nice ideas. They deserve our full support and respect!!!

Below is the Metapedia Mission Statement and link:

Metapedia is an electronic encyclopedia about culture, art, science, philosophy and politics.
The word 'Metapedia' is derived from two concepts from classical greek: 'meta' that means 'outside' or 'beyond'; and 'enkyklios paideia' that means 'encyclopedia'. The name has a dual symbolic meaning:
Metapedia sets its focus on topics that usually are not covered in — i.e. that falls outside of — mainstream encyclopedias.
Metapedia has a metapolitical purpose, to influence the mainstream debate, culture and historical view.
The project is still in its early stages, but the database is growing every day and you are heartily welcome to contribute to the growth of this valuable and unique encyclopedia.

Metapedia:Mission statement
Being able to present one’s own definitions of concepts as well as interpretations of various phenomena and historical events is a vital part of every metapolitical and cultural struggle. This is more important than ever in these modern times, where many concepts have been distorted and lost their original meaning – which can be regarded as a result of our political opponents’ successful cultural struggle.
The possibility to influence the language is vital if you want to shape people’s world view. The Frankfurt school and their ideological heirs are good examples in this regard, and have been very successful in stigmatizing previously natural and sound values and attitudes and making them seem pathological by inventing and popularizing concepts such as "xenophobia” and the like. This clearly illustrates the power of language and words, and it is therefore important that we start re-conquering our languages.
Another important purpose of Metapedia is to become a web resource for pro-European activists. Metapedia makes it easy for our cadres to expand their knowledge on various important subjects, and also functions as a searchable reference.
Furthermore Metapedia gives us the opportunity to present a more balanced and fair image of the pro-European struggle for the general public as well as for academics, who until now have been dependent on strongly biased and hostile “researchers” like Searchlight, Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center, Simon Wiesenthal centre, and such.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thermopylae Annual Memorial 2007

On Saturday, 14th of July, the Golden Dawn Movement honored the memory of the battle of Thermopylae, in a demonstration true to the Spartan spirit of the Heroes of our Race, who came to the Pantheon through their sacrifice 2.500 years ago.

Comrades from all over Hellas came to pay tribute to the sacred land of Thermopylae, where the monument of King Leonidasʼ lays. They were holding the black and red flags with the symbol of Meandros and the blue and white Hellenic flags.

The ceremony started with the sundown, in a reserved and well mannered way. The first spokesman spoke about the significance of sacrifice and the message of Thermopylae that was carried through the years by the Heroes of our Race and Nation. The representative of the Youth Front, followed, mentioning the historical facts of the battle.

Finally, the leader of the Golden Dawn Movement mr. N. G. Mihaloliakos accused the modern Greek state and the politicians who degrade the Hellenic history and do not respect this sacred historical spot. He underlined that the new Spartans are the Greek Nationalists who hear the call of duty and even sacrifice their freedom, like our comrade Periandros.

After the speeches, the comrades lid torches, symbolizing the souls of the fallen, singing the Movementʼs Anthem and the National Anthem.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ancient heritage site destroyed by Irish government

Its no secret anymore how much the so-called "European" Goverments respect our History, Heritage and Identity. Ireland is not an exception to the rule.

"At Tara in Ireland, thousands of years of important Irish and European archaeology have been wiped out by the Irish government – in the middle of the night! And more is threatened.

The ancient Irish archaeological landscape of Tara suffered a terrible blow this month.
For the last few years the Irish government has been implementing plans to build a four-lane flood-lit motorway through the middle of this priceless area of Irish and European heritage. Tara is older than the pyramids, older than Stone Henge, older than the Great Wall of China. Tara was for thousands of years the seat of the Irish kings and queens.
On July 5th, construction workers using heavy earth-mover machinery entered the Baronstown monument in the Tara valley. Baronstown was a massive Bronze Age settlement and burial ground. They entered this area in the middle of the night. By the morning the archaeological site was completely destroyed.
The Irish governmentʼs own expert archaeologists have stated that the burial ground at Baronstown was a site of great importance, and deserved the status of Irish National Monument. Yet in the space of a few hours, nothing now remains of this important part of both Irish and European heritage. The terrible irony is that EU subsidy funds are helping to finance this motorway. Therefore European Union funding is directly contributing to wiping out Europan heritage.
Commissioner at the European Parliament, Stavros Dimas, sent a letter of reprimand this month to the Irish government about Tara and the M3 motorway. On July 13, he also called the Minister responsible, John Gormley of the Irish Green Party, to his office in Brussels. Because, unfortunately, there is another ancient site due to be destroyed, this time a site with the official status of Irish National Monument – the recent archaeological discovery at Lismullen in the Tara valley. This site was originally an enormous wooden henge, and used as a pagan temple of worship by the ancient kings and queens of Ireland. The Irish government is planning within the next months to ʽpreserve it by recordʼ, that is, to photograph it, put a few parts in storage, and then bulldoze through the rest to make way for the motorway. If this is allowed to happen, European Union money will again have been used to destroy a vital part of our European heritage.
It is important to note that other routes for this motorway have always been available. It is possible for a motorway to be built along another route and for the landscape of Tara to remain completely intact. However, for whatever reasons, and people can only speculate as to what those reasons could be, the Irish government insists on the motorway going through particular areas of land, in this multi-million Euro project.
Irish Member of the European Parliament, Kathy Sinnott, has stated that what the Irish government is doing at Tara is clearly illegal within the framework of European Union law.
Now is the time to act. Please email your local Member of the European Parliament and ask them to support efforts within the EU to prevent the Irish government from destroying more of our common European heritage, and from doing so using European Union funding.
For more information please see the website
There is also a petition you can sign at
This is a vital time in the effort to save Tara. Please pass this information on to everyone you can."

Friday, July 13, 2007

The answers to the Quiz below

Since I have already the winner. Here is the answers to the quiz below:

The famous Communist who said this words is Karl Marx. 1st and 2nd quote taken from :

Letters of Marx to Engels - First published: abridged in Der Briefwechsel zwischen F. Engels und K. Marx, Stuttgart, 1913, and in full in MEGA, Berlin, 1930.[London,] 30 July [1862]

And the 3rd quote is taken from Karl Marx "The Jewish Question" 1843

Did Communists of today know what their idols used to say about the race who love so much today?

If jews (For those who dont know Karl Marx and Engels was both jews) themselves codemn so hard their own race, then what we can do about it? ;)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Guess who said this" Quiz

Lets have some fun now,

The following is dedicated to all those leftists who fight against "racism" "homophobia" and in defense of "Human rights and democracy".

"It is now quite plain to me — as the shape of his head and the way his hair grows also testify — that he is descended from the negroes who accompanied Mosesʼ flight from Egypt (unless his mother or paternal grandmother interbred with a nigger). Now, this blend of Jewishness and Germanness, on the one hand, and basic negroid stock, on the other, must inevitably give rise to a peculiar product. The fellowʼs importunity is also nigger-like."

"The Jewish nigger Lassalle who, I'm glad to say, is leaving at the end of this week, has happily lost another 5,000 talers in an ill-judged speculation. The chap would sooner throw money down the drain than lend it to a ʽfriendʼ, even though his interest and capital were guaranteed. In this he bases himself on the view that he ought to live the life of a Jewish baron, or Jew created a baron (no doubt by the countess'). "

“the Jew is to become emancipated not as a Jew, not because he is a Jew, not because he possesses such an excellent, universally human principle of morality; on the contrary, the Jew will retreat behind the citizen and be a citizen, although he is a Jew and is to remain a Jew. That is to say, he is and remains a Jew, although he is a citizen and lives in universally human conditions: his Jewish and restricted nature triumphs always in the end over his human and political obligations. The prejudice remains in spite of being outstripped by general principles. But if it remains, then, on the contrary, it outstrips everything else.”

"What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self-interest. What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money."

Who famous leftist said this words? Anyone who will find this will win a Cd for free from Totenkopf Propaganda Distribution. Send me your answers to :

If there will be no winner, i`ll post the answers of this quiz in Saturday noon.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

14th of July : Golden Dawn ceremony at Thermopylae


Golden Dawn will make a ceremony in 14th of July in King Leonidas Statue at Thermopylae in the memory of Spartan and Thespian warriors that fell defending the fatherland.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


It seems that lately i can`t get much from Ancient Rome. Just finished lately the watching of 2 documentaries. The first maded by BBC and titled "Ancient Rome - The Rise and Fall of an Empire" and the 2nd maded by History Channel and titled "Ancient Rome: The Story of an Empire that Ruled the World". But, before those two documentaries another series came to my attention. The title of it is "Rome". I did a small search on internet about it and it seems that i`m now in front of another good piece which i`ll have in my hands very soon!

For those who are intrested, here is a link that you can see many episodes from this series and take a good taste about the "ROME" :

Saturday, June 16, 2007

BILSKIRNIR "Wotansvolk" new album out in 21st of June

After several delays and trouble the newest BILSKIRNIR cd should be out on 21th of june through Wotanstahl Klangschmiede Germania. Vinyl and Tape versions follow soon as well.
Track List:
1. Wotansvolk
2. Weltenbrand
3. Reconquering Antlantean Supremacy
4. Niedergang
5. Nacht Und Nebel
6. Nebelheim
7. Wolfswut
Here is raw mix of the track "Wolfswut" :

You can contact the label at :

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

NSBM article in ROCK HARD Magazine : Some people can`t hide their panic

Recently, Rock Hard Magazine did a huge article about NSBM including a lot of info about Pagan Front and its bands. Here is the article pages(For those who can understand the German language) uploaded by Rob Darken (Which his and Graveland`s name mentioned oftenly in the article).

As long such articles appearing on the mainstream press this means that we are on the right way! As for the idiots from Rock hard magazine, they can be sure that in future we will give much more reasons for similar articles. Thanx for the free promotion guys!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

DRUDKH "Enstrangement" album is coming soon....

I always welcome every DRUDKH release with open arms , so far , and despite the fact that the band have a new release out almost every 6 months, every release of DRUDKH is always something that never gets me tired. Anyway, all those of you out there who have the same opinion with me, here some good news taken from the Official website of SUPERNAL MUSIC.

DRUDKH (Ukr) Estrangement CD

"After their Neo-Folk opus, 'Songs of Grief and Solitude', with this latest effort DRUDKH returns to their Black Metal roots, with five long compositions in the epic and melancholic vein of 'Forgotten Legends', although with better sound, organic drums, and brilliant bass playing, in sum displaying the sophistication of 'Blood in Our Wells'. This DeLuxe edition will come in the oversize Super Jewelcase Plus format used in the previous album's own DeLuxe version, with a 16-page illustrated booklet, lyrics both in Ukrainian and in professional English translation, metallic green lettering, special paper, and disc pressed onto green polycarbonate. It will also be limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies, be out at least six weeks before the normal edition, and will be available to Supernal Music customers only. The normal edition, in comparison, will be unlimited and available everywhere, and come in a normal jewelcase, with a 12-page booklet printed on normal stock, lyrics in Ukrainian only, and an ordinary silver disc."

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sad news from the other side of the Atlantic

A comrade has fallen...

The famous Wotanist and BRUDER SCHWEIGEN member David Lane died during his sleep under "strange" (But not suprizing) conditions few days ago.

Statement taken from

"May 28th 2007 - It is with great sorrow that we say goodbye to our Brother, Friend, Dad, Hero "David Lane".. Our Hearts are broken and our family has lost someone who can never be replaced."

Here is the story & details about his death from Tom Metzger

"Recently David Lane 69 year old ORDER MEMBER was advised that he would be transferred from Federal Prison in Florence Colorado to an unknown destination. We both assumed due to age and poor health it would be a lower security institution.

David called me a few days ago and told me he was being shipped to the notorious Federal Prison at Terre Haute, Indiana. This prison David says was a gathering point for what the Oligarchs call Terrorists.Not a place for an older man with a bad heart. David said "we are all considered domestic terrorists now."He said he just hoped that the middle of the night trip would not include a black box they put over your arms and wrists that forced an extremely tortuous position.

David called the entire thing the DEISELING method of breaking or torturing prisoners.I told David that as soon as he was settled I would visit him since the prison is only a 3 hour drive.Several days past with no word. Then upon returning home from town two days ago there was a message on my phone machine. It was David but if you don't physically enter a code he cannot talk to you or leave a message. His voice sounded encouraging and in good spirits and I expected a call a bit later. It did not come.

This morning I received a call from April Gaede who had been contacted by the prison Chaplin who told her David was dead.The Federals murdered David as sure as they had put a gun to his head. There was absolutely no reason to transfer him unless it be to a lower security prison. They knew how bad his heart was but they did it anyway.We probably will never know what they did to him at Terre Haute. I assume it was fairly rough treatment.Never Forgive Never Forget. AVENGE OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS."

David Lane is finally free!! His passionate fight will not be Forgotten, his untamed spirit will be always a source of inspiration for us!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Elizabeth part II is coming!

I was quite suprized as few days ago i found out that there will be a continuation of the movie ELIZABETH!!! I was pretty excited with the first part, in my opinion it catching perfectly the atmosphere of the Medieval England. So here is the trailer for the 2nd part which gonna be released in Autumn of this year.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Wulf Sörensen's "Voice of Our Ancestors"

Here is an online version of "Voice of Our Ancestors". Many(Including myself) believes that Wulf Sörensen was a nickname of the famous Reichsführer-SS Henrich Himmler. Truth or not, "Voice of Our Ancestors" is worth reading it anyway. Here you`ll find also a foreword made by the Political Prisoner David Lane.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The truly admirable story behind ABSU's "Tara" cover painting

I`m sure that most of you are familiar with the latest album of ABSU named "Tara" and for sure you must know as well the famous artist KRIS VERWIMP. He is responsible for several covers in the Black Metal scene(Moonblood, Immortal, Marduk, Night Conquers Day e.t.c.). I always liked the art of this guy and i oftenly checking his website for the latest news, covers e.t.c. Today i noticed something which definately suprized me.

"I had already planned a trip to Ireland when I received a letter from Absu. Tara was one of the places I wanted to visit in Ireland, so when I read that Absu were doing a concept album about this place, I immediately got an idea. It's one of those strange coincidences that occur sometimes. When I was on the Hills of Tara, I collected some soil from the place where the high kings were seated. I also collected soil from the place where the Stone Of Destiny stands and from other parts of the site. Later, when I got back home, I mixed the soil with water and acrylics in order to be able to paint with it. So using that mixture, I painted all the borders and artworks for the Tara CD. So there's really a physical connection between the cover art and the actual Tara itself. I think there is no greater tribute."

With this, Kris Verwimp show that he is a devoted artist with true dedication & respect about his painting art.

Story and "Tara" paintings here:

Kris Verwimp official site

Monday, May 21, 2007

"Λευκός Ακτιβισμός" Blog

A blog with news, promotion, updates, current and upcoming actions. Maded by NS Street Activists in Hellas. Unfortunately the blog at the moment is only in Hellenic language.

Έπειτα από μια μικρή δοκιμαστική περίοδο, μέχρι να οριστικοποιηθεί η τελική της μορφή, μία νέα ιστοσελίδα ήρθε να προστεθεί στις πολύ αξιόλογες προσπάθειες των Συναγωνιστών για την ευρύτερη διάδοση των Ιδεών μας μέσω του διαδικτύου. Ο "Λευκός Ακτιβισμός" αποτελεί ένα νέο blog, το οποίο έρχεται να καλύψει ένα σημαντικό κενό καθώς ασχολείται κυρίως με ζητήματα που αφορούν τον τρόπο δράσης μας στο πεζοδρόμιο. Για αποστολή κειμένων επικοινωνήστε με τους διαχειριστές:

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ioannis Sikoutris-The Hellenic Idealist

Ioannis Sikoutris(1901-1937) was a Hellenic scholar, borned in Smirni (Now under Turkish occupation since 1922) and in 1919 moved in Athens. He wrote several works about Ancient Hellas and the Immortal Hellenic Fighting Spirit. His best works titled "Platonic Evangelism" and "Heroic Way of Life". At 1937, Ioannis Sikoutris in a very young age commited suicide. As usual, almost none of his works are translated in English. Below are in English some parts from his work "The Philosophy of Life" (Which is a part from the "Heroic Way of Life").

" The heroic perception of life commences from the principle that Life is a never-ending struggle, an unceasing and interminable fight against nature, against people and against ourselves. Thus men from every generation constitute a continuous transition to something else, something superior. Not a different kind of organic being (like, for example, Nietzsche's superhuman) but a conveyor - a carrier- of an inferior, i.e. an intense, richer life. This way every worthy man becomes a prodromos (a forerunner, a precursor) who drafts the meaning of his existence neither from the past, nor from the present but from the future. He neglects the past and finds him self in an enduring conflict with the present…"

"The Heroic man feels himself chosen by Destiny as a fighter and a martyr -more like a martyr, as he never counts success with direct results, with numbers and proportions he doesn't count it at all. He is the lightning rod that attracts voluntarily all the storms and thunders so that the homes of the peaceful can remain safe. The reason he does it is by no means some spirit of altruism or self-sacrifice for the rest. In his quest for danger he is dragged by an irresistible attraction, by the aesthetics, the fascination of danger, the sense that it is a prerogative of the exquisite ones (and not a duty, nor a philanthropy) to be crashed for the others, under the others- the most valuable privilege! The Heroic man is not the fruit or the flower -these represent the present and its implicit joy. He is the seed to be buried and rot in order for the blooming and fruitening to emerge. He is the one buried for the resurrection to be celebrated, and there is no resurrection without a burial…"

"The Heroic man does not ignore the pleasures of Life but he only tastes them as much as necessary to overcome them, he only knows them as much as necessary to understand that in principle they paralyze his strength rather than enhance it, regardless if they grand him a feeling of intensity and expectance. Even more, these pleasures are a quest and a goal for someone who desires to take from Life not for him who has something to give to Life - and a man does not get rich by taking but by giving…"

"He enjoys many aspects of life simultaneously and he enjoys them not as an aesthetic display or a satisfaction to his curiosity he experiences all these forms inside him, he integrates them and attributes them with his own, personal way. His soul looks like oleaginous, fertile soil where every seed easily blooms and gives fruit. Thus he transforms himself without ever losing it. This multiplicity though does not bring splitting or loss of personal basis, diffusion and blaring of the personal nucleus -these happen to ordinary people when they try to acquire multiple aspects and characters. For the heroic man multiplicity does not hinder centralization but makes it more evident and mightier. He would not be a hero if he didn't have a powerful personality, if he didn't have a powerful central ego ("ego" meaning here the personal character and not the origin of egoism) that restrains the adventures of the soul and the incidents of the surrounding world, the flinging (ephemeral tendencies) and the interests (cares) in a well tied unity, not just of time but of logic cohesion and moral necessity. His personality is so rich that every aspect of it could - and does for many- comprise a whole different world, independent from the world that could be found in another of his aspects. So it is not strange that many people find these parts uncompromising to each other. But the Heroic man does not look like the nice and quite carriage drivers that drive their carriages safe and slow on peaceful streets right up to the end that others have paved for them. No! He looks like the charioteer dominating over four or eight angry horses - each horse speeding uncontrollable to the direction it craves. He governs them with a strong arm without, though, extinguishing their momentum and mutinous ness (tendency to be disobedient, revolutionarism). Otherwise he would find no attraction in charioteering! He doesn't know of "safe and sound"! Indeed Fight and Danger is his element, his food. Fight and Victory, not success. Success is not always victory. Victory is external, it means getting rich in profits and achievements - like the records of the modern runners, measured by fractions of seconds. On the contrary, he seeks the victory of him who enjoyed the fighting, the risking, of him who saw victory as an opportunity to live intense and suspenseful moments. And by all means victory coexists with failure, failure of the objective, like the "failure" of the 300 Spartans at Thermopile…"

"…He gives the impression of a lunatic, a mad man and he is indeed a mad man. He has the insaneness of a child, lacking this over celebrated experience of reality, which is nothing more than idlesse (laziness, kowardness) and lack of faith. He is a child because he still believes and he believes unconditionally. He is the eternal youth - he has no need of caution and prudence, these are for the quiet who pace safe and sound on the walk of life. The Heroic man never paces, he dances!…"

"He is never deceitful, this is only for those who putter with the others in order to copy them, envy them, or both they do this out of necessity because their own personality is not rich enough to satisfy them. On the contrary, the Heroic man is the center of himself, free in his isolation, aristocratic through the distance he keeps from the rest, unabashed (steadfast) through the courage of his personal opinion and his personal responsibility, prideful in the impassable temple of his solitude. That is why he doesn't allow himself to envy or compete with the rest, he has no need to confirm himself by the acknowledgement of the rest, that is by his excellence…"

"He undertakes labor with unreserved eagerness he accepts it evidently and joyfully as it is heavy and difficult, and for him life is all about action and toil. He works driven by his desire to use his physical and spiritual powers and he works aesthetically, like an athlete. He thinks the same way about his mental labor he doesn't study in order just to write a book or to accomplish a deed - thoughts for him are lively experiences, not something he would write down. He wants to be wealthier inside, to become richer through the joy he gets from a demanding task. He disperses very keenly a multitude of personal thoughts and syllogisms (personal even when he obtains the roots of his thoughts from others), a multitude that would be enviously guarded by someone else as his personal belonging. But the Heroic man ignores envy, and this is completely natural he retains and enshrines the character and the charisma of a genuine aristocrat: his solitude, his avoidance of intermingling, his courage and his ability to condemn, his long-lasting devotion and his noble generosity. Above all he cherishes the feeling of his personal Honor and compared to this everything else, wealth education authority or health, are just zero…"

"Nowhere else is his pride more obvious than in the way he curries out the so called ideological fights. He never aims to win. What does it mean to win? His believes to be accepted? A tragedy! He knows very well what it cost him to acquire them, what boldness it requires -"sapere aude", says the ancient poet -, and what kind of inner maturity it requires. Thus he is more worried rather than glad for him who embraces his ideas by force or as a result of a short conversation. Maybe in order to find himself supporters? It is true that many feel the need to propagandize their ideas as if fearing that they are not correct without the affirmation of the others, the more the better. The Heroic man knows very well it is not the content of the ideas that really matter, but the spiritual might through which he conquered and holds them, not what you believe but how do you believe in it. He knows that your fundamental, vital convictions (believes) are controlled by your Destiny, and not the other way around and your Destiny is something profoundly personal, you cannot borrow it nor lend it. Thus when he defends his ideas he doesn't do it in order to impose them but in order for himself to remain who he is. And remaining who he is exactly what the others see as an act of war. His existence and only arouses hatred, he needs only to describe himself to evoke antipathy (dislike) -this is how great a part of the future he represents! Because the future is dark and most people are afraid of the dark, and fear turns into dislike…"

"The Heroic man's life can only be short. Short, but not always in the common sense - he can very well live for many years but these years are never enough compared to the vastness of his vigorousness. Anyway, age is relevant. It is not measured by duration rather by substance. It is a moral not an astronomical concept. Though, usually, it is also short with in the common meaning of the term because the Heroic man spends his life in the hazardous front of battle. It is short because he is always in love with Death ("erasthithanatos")! He walks to Death not to rest, not because he is bored of living, not because he dismayed (became a coward) in front of it or because his strength faded. The Heroic man is not subject to Death! For him death is not suffering but acting! It is his final act that seals and gives meaning to all his previous acts. Life is an incessant beginning, and this beginning acquires its significance from the End, the End that is determined from this very beginning. Death is the End as well as the completion!…"

"Voluntary or not the Heroic man's Death is always like the explosion of a volcano. Suddenly his life's vessel ruptures and crashes smashing everything around it, covered in flames it burns everything else, illuminating it grants Light - and frightens the cowards and the humbles. Fury of the Lord….."

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Life in the Middle Ages

Without doubt, the Middle Ages is a very fascinating period in the history so far. Some days ago while browsing in internet i came across to a very intresting website:

Middle Ages-Medieval Resources

In this page you`ll find several info about Middle Ages like the everyday life, weapons and armoury, architecture, literature, music, bios of several great personalities ( like King Arthur, Ivan The Terrible, Richard the Lionheart e.t.c.) and ofcourse...the Bubonic Plague!
Reccomended music and films about the Medieval & Renaissance eras
DARK AGES "Chronicle of the Plague" & "Twilight of Europe"
SATYRICON "Dark Medieval Times"
WHEN "Svartedauen"
FRANZ LISZT "Totentanz"
NAASTRAND "Chants d`Europe"
The 7th Seal
El Cid
The Name of the Rose
King Arthur
Alexander Nevsky & Ivan The Terrible
The Merchant of Venice

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Last Survivor from Fuhrer`s Bunker

Some weeks ago there was documentary in Hellenic Tv about "The last survivor from Hitler`s Bunker". It was about the Life of Rochus Misch, the Fuhrer`s bodyguard which is still alive till these days. To my suprize , the documentary was pretty good! The local journalist visited Rochus Misch at his home in Berlin and did an in-depth interview with him about his life as Fuhrer`s bodyguard. The questions was really good and the whole conversation turned out very intresting.

Some days before documentary play in local tv , a comrade sent me a link to inform me about what day and hour exatly this will be played. I did not checked the link as the documentary was already widely advertized and it was already in my attention. Today , i found the link again and noticed that there is an english version there with photos, trailers and online interview with Rochus Misch. I`m pretty sure that many of you would like to see it:

To the suprize of many, R.Misch remain untill today a loyal SS man. He never did any apologizing statement, never regret that he was in Leibstantadarte SS "Adolf Hitler" , he still speaks with pride about his days there which described them as "The best period in my life". As you can see in documentary & Photos , R.Misch keep visitng the place that the bunker was and telling to the people that visiting the place (Turists , schools e.t.c.) the truth about the SS, Fuhrer , the last days in bunker e.t.c.

Rochus Misch was, is and he will always be a true SS man! Heil!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

ALATRISTE: A Triumph of Honour, Courage and Patriotism!

I finally managed to see the film "Alatriste". For those who have not heard of it yet , the film potray the life of Alatriste, a Spanish Captain and war veteran who lived in Spain of 1600`s .As i was expected it , the film is simply amazing! Vigo Mortensen (Which plays the role of "Alatriste") have done again an excellent performance.Another postive aspect is that the whole film is maded in Spanish language.

Searching in internet more info about the film, i found some very intresting things which i was not aware before. "Alatriste" is actually the hero of a novel series of a Spanish author named Arturo Perez-Reverte. The other 2 parts are "The Sun over Breda" and "Purity of Blood".
Here is a review for the book "Captain Alatriste" that will give you an idea also how the movie goes:

"Perez-Reverte wrote the Captain Alatriste seies as a homage to the adventure books that had been his own initiation into the world of reading as a boy - books such as Dumas's The Three Musketeers. Captain Alatriste is a swordsman for hire in Spain in the 1620s - a time when Court intrigue was high and the decadent young king had dragged the country into a series of disastrous wars. As a hired 'blade', Alatriste becomes involved in many political plots and must live by his wits. He comes face to face with hired assassins, court players, political moles, smugglers, pirates and of course, the infamous Spanish Inquisition... All the stories are told by Inigo Balboa, Alatriste's young page. The cast of characters also includes Quevedo, an irrepressible subversive poet who likes to start fights in the local tavern, the kind-hearted innkeeper and ex-prostitute who shares Alatriste's bed, the elegant Count of Guadalmedina, the beautiful but deadly Angelica de Alquezar, and a whole host of underworld figures."
More info about the author you can find here :

Its the first time that i come in touch with this author, so for sure i`m not the perfect guy to give you more details about his books.Though , i hope the books to be already translated in other languages as it will be something that i`ll for sure look to read in the near future.

If you want more info about "Alatriste" , wikipedia have many details about the film and links for trailers e.t.c.

Another reccommended film which the praise the values of Honour, Courage, Patriotism, the life code and fighting spirit of the real European man!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Dark Hellenic Romanticism

How many of you are familiar with the Hellenic Writer, Philosopher and Poet Nikos Kazantzakis? He is the creator of many novels , poetry e.t.c. Also apart from his works, he did several translations like Dante`s Divine Comedy, works of Gothe e.t.c. His most famous novels amongst the Non-Hellenic people are two of them that become movies. "The Last Temptation of Christ" (W.Dafoe) and "Zorba" (Anthony Queen). Nikos Kazantzakis (1883-1957) is a very famous writer inside Hellas. Though, most people in the world are not really familiar with his best works. Here is the link that you can read in English (Thanx to Nikos G.) one of them titled "Askitiki-Salvatores Dei" :

N.Kazantzakis was a very controversial writer. It was like different worlds was fighting each other inside his mind. One thing is sure, it definetely worth to give some of your free hours to read his works. If you like Nietzche, Gothe or Schopenhauer , then i`m pretty sure that Kazantzakis will appeal to you a lot!

Unfortunately, most people are not familiar with with the Hellenic Romantic Movement of the 1800`s and 1900`s (Up to 1950). There is not many things translated in English. Me and some other comrades here, we plan for the future to start translating works from various writers, fighters & poets. So everybody intrested , have an eye on this blog. Also , be sure that everytime that i`m finding something translated in English, i`ll be posting it directly here in every detail.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Introduce yourself to the World of Tradition!

The url that you see above is a site dedicated to the Italian Traditionalist Master Baron Julius Evola. It contains the very basic info about his life and works. I advice everyone who are not yet familiar with his works to check this site. In "writings" section you`ll find some parts of his works in text format, that will introduce you to the world of Tradition. Those who will find his works intresting, the site provides the links that directs you to places (Amazon)where you can buy some books with Evola`s works like the Classic "Revolt Against the Modern World" and others.

The works of Baron Julius Evola can change your worldview forever!

Puissance have the Grace of God!

The masters of Classic Swedish Martial/Industrial PUISSANCE returned with a new album titled "Grace of God"

Here is a part of the label`s statement concerning this release:

"Three years after "State Collapse", the cogwheels on the Puissance-warmachine have been fine-tuned and put to work again, in a crushing motion that seems to be as defiant and innovative as ever. Forerunners in blending post-Industrial soundscapes with seemingly Wagnerian inspired classical scores, the Swedish duo's controversial portrayal of human life often tends to raise a mix of conflicting feelings towards them."

More info , mp3s e.t.c. here:

For those who had not the chance yet to obtain any work of Puissance, the label have several other of their albumms for sale. Get any of them(Or better, all of them!) , you`ll not be dissapointed!

And also dont forget to check the official website of Puissance :
There except the info about the band, you`ll find various articles about current situation of world politics e.t.c.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ARGHOSLENT giving you more reasons to hate them!

News about Arghoslent is always good news!

A new full-length album plus some re-releases coming out this year.

Here are the news taken from their official website:

Arghoslent has finished recording %100 of the music for their third album "Hornets of the Pogrom". The next phase is laying down vocal tracks, which will be done throughout March. A decision on a vocalist will be made within the next 2 weeks.
Songs for album include: “In Coffles They Were Led” "Swill of the Knaves" "Manacled Freightage" "The Grenadier" "Oracle of the Malefic Rhizome" "Dog and Broom" "Hornets of the Pogrom" "The Nubian Archer"

Additional songs recorded for a future release:"Fodder for the Shoah""The Eugenic Fumigant" "Terra Nullius" "Ghosts of Flossenburg"
• Arghoslent 1990-1994 The First Three Demos on CD will be released by Drakkar Productions in 2007.

• Arghoslent - Incorrigible Bigotry - is being repressed on CD by Drakkar Productions with different artwork (LP version's cover artwork) + bonus song "Mob of the the Howling" (originally appearing only on vinyl version) in 2007.

• Arghoslent - Galloping Through the Battleruins - Drakkar version being released in 2007.


Arghoslent have many stuff for sale plus some merchandise. You can get them directly from the band at :

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Do you remember Lawrence of Arabia?

How many of you are familiar with the English Anti-Turkish Hero T.E. Lawrence? Most of people found out of him through the brilliant 60`s film with Peter O`Tool.

Recently i was watching a quite in-depth documentary about his life. There a historian mention something about a book titled "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" that Lawrence himself wrote. Discussing this with a comrade, we noticed that its almost unknown that Lawrence wrote this book. Few days later, the comrade searched and found out this book online and forwarded me the link. From a first view i had, it looks damn intresting!

Here is this link in case that any of you intrested to read the whole story writen directly by the hand of Lawrence:

Friday, April 20, 2007

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Will Stronger Than Death!

"Will Stronger Than Death" is the title of the new GRAVELAND album that released few days ago. In my opinion, compared to Graveland`s latest 2-3 albums , this one is the best!!! Imagine the Hatefull atmosphere of "Following the Voice of Blood" blended with the Epic/Apocalyptic feeling of Graveland`s 2nd era. Splendid!
You can get all GRAVELAND & LORD WIND album directly from Rob`s address. You`ll find all info and details at his official website :
Also , the Polish label HAMMERBOLT PRODUCTIONS did lately a limited edition GRAVELAND longsleeves for woman. You can get this along with many other great releases of this killer new label from :

He escaped from the "Holocaust", and killed by a gook...

Once upon a time in America....

"A man, a hero, a father, a Martyr!

When he was young escaped from the evils of Nazism (Otherwise the number nowadays would be 6,000,001), a fearless man who run away from the ovens or becoming a soap in a bathroom of another monstrous-evil-satanic-cruel (Here open the dictionary and find any bad word you can imagine) German scum. After many years , he defended his students by puting his body in front of a gunman."

In case that you wonder for whom i`m speaking about, No , its not Magneto from "X-Men" , its a jew that died yesterday in Virginia Campus. Thanx to Yahoo who gave us this great story of another "Holocaust" survivor from the very few (Millions) that are still(Unfortunately) alive till these days.

Thats all that happened yesterday to the home of the free and the land of the brave!

PS.1 Please , someone to give me the e-mail of Steven Spielberg , i`m pretty sure that this will be a good scenario for a film. I want forward him this story.

PS.2 Did he died really or he will appear again in a few years as a "Virginia Campus Survivor"?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Farewell Florrie…

Before the Feast of Ostara, a great woman, friend and tireless comrade has departed from our midst. Mrs. Florentine Rost van Tonningen Heubel left us on the 24th of March at 00:00 pm on the age of 92. Florrie was the wife of a great man of the Dutch SS and a leading character of National Socialism, Meinoud Marinus Rost van Tonningen. She had the privilage to know in person many personalities of the SS during WWII and her marriage was conducted by Adolf Hitler himself. After the war she faced many persecutions but she remained unshaken and obstinate and she was definitely the person who carried the banner of NS in Holland during the difficult post-war years. Untill the final moments of her life she kept roaming Europe for the NS Ideals, writing books and organizing manifestations even in her house in secrecy and under the continuous hunt of the secret police. She visited Hellas in 1998 with the desire to meet and address the 5th Pan-european Congress of Nationalist Youth, even though she could barely stand with the help of her children. It was a great honour for all of us to meet her in person.
Even after her death the secret police of Holland asked not to be buried but to be cremated and scatter her ashes all over the country in order to prevent her grave becoming a revered monument for the European National Socialists... How great is their fear!...May her Memory be Eternal!

DRUDKH strikes again!

DRUDKH (Ukr) Anti-Urban 10" EP, 2007
Limited to 999 hand-numbered copies in brown vinyl, and available only to Supernal Music customers, this 10" EP presents two 100% exclusive Black Metal compositions by the jewel in the crown of the Ukrainian radical Black Metal underground, promulgating once again DRUDKH's nostalgic, anti-urban, conservative revolutionary sensibilities. Against the degenerate modern, liberal ideology of cosmopolitanism, urbanism, and secularism, and in favour of heroic, traditionalist values, living in harmony with nature rather than raping it. These tracks will not ever become available anywhere else, in any other format, either on their own or as bonus tracks in a future release.
We will take every care packaging these vinyls to ensure your copy of this gem arrives in pristine condition, the way it should always be.

Another movie about Spartans?

Steven Pressfield is an American author who wrote several Historical novels about Ancient Hellas. His most known title is GATES OF FIRE

Since years now i have heard that there will be a movie based on Pressfield`s brilliant work. It seems thats its true!
Here is the answer taken from the "F.A.Q." section of his official website:

"Will there be a movie of Gates of Fire? This is the most frequently asked question we get on this site.
Steven Pressfield answers:
"Gates has been under option to Universal Studios since it was first published in 1998. The acquiring production company was George Clooney and Robert Lawrence's Maysville Pictures. A number of scripts and revisions have been written for them and Universal since then, all by the top-notch young writer David Self (Thirteen Days, Road to Perdition, the upcoming Submariner.) Michael Mann (Heat, Ali, Collateral) was the director attached, but two summers ago he and the studio parted company over--that fateful phrase--creative differences."

In the meantime, i reccomend to you all to check Pressfield`s amazing works about the world of Ancient Hellas.

Official website address:

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why this blog created?

As everybody familiar with my label, Totenkopf Propaganda is a small TOTALLY independed label created by me years ago in order to promote the music of bands that i support. Later, when my financial resources became better i expanded the whole thing and since 2000 i started to release stuff (Tapes and Cds later). Stagnation is a thing that i really despise and always wanted to move forwards, trying new things and taking risks...
From time to time , there are several issues from the world of Music, Politics, History, Art & Culture which i always discuss further with comrades. Many times , it came to my attention that several like-minded people did not notice several things which definately require attention and vice verca ofcourse. We are not surfing 24h each day online , free time is limited. Totenkopf Propaganda is a label, therefore its activity limits only to Musical matters.So, i decided to expand further in new areas, and OMAIMON PARADOSIS blog is created.
From now on (and depends on my free time) , i`ll keep posting news on various issues which from my own point of view deserve attention. The only responsible person for every post is me and no one else. In case that you are in a band or label and watching your work promoted at this blog and this hurts your feelings, just send me an e-mail and i`ll delete the post.
Closing , dont send me your news, asking me to put your posts in the blog. I`ll find the news and post them by myself. If you want your news posted , simply create your own blog. Its free and it takes only a fews minutes.

Blood, All for Blood!