Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Walpurgis Night 2019 - Remembering The Mystic Visitor of Carnuntum

June of 1911 - A pilgrimage in the pagan gate Heidentor - Carnuntum. 
Third from the left is Guido Von List

"List generally preferred his own company and preferred to venture alone, which earned him a reputation as a mystic loner. He had a tendency to ritualize his romps through nature. List would regularly celebrate the summer solstice. On one such occasion, in 1875, he and some friends came across the ruins of the Roman town of Carnuntum. They decided to camp by the ruins and spent the night drinking. Feeling particularly sentimental, as it was the 1500th anniversary of the Germanic tribe’s victory over the Romans, List started a fire under the Pagan Gate. He then proceeded to bury eight wine bottles in the shape of a swastika."
Nicholas Goodrick - Clarke "The Occult Roots of Nazism"

A century later....

Heidentor - Carnuntum 
Photos by Gerhard Hallstatt 05.05.2009
(Used with permission) 

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Farewell to a Fallen Comrade

BORIS KALDRAD (1974-2019)

 "The Sails will Embrace those Burning Remains
Where the Thought Still Glares
As the Purest of Krystalls
Among the Ashes of the Soul
Waves are Crushing the Cliffs
Tearing Apart By the Will
The Stone Carcass of Eternity
With the Depths I Would Feed my Mind"


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Death of Balder

Here is the original recording for “Dauði Baldrs” (originally supposed to be released under the name “Balders Død”) which includes the raw unmastered tracks for the album as well as 2 unreleased electronic/techno tracks and 1 unreleased ambient style track. 

All these songs come from the original recording of “Dauði Baldrs” that Varg made in jail from 1994 - 1995.  According to Tiziana (the ex-label boss of Misanthropy Records) the tape was then sent to her either straight from Varg or from Varg’s producer Pytten along with the mastered version of the album which was only released in 1997. (See the bottom section for more details about this). The tape was one of the many tapes given to me by Tiziana. 

The differences in the sound of the “Dauði Baldrs” tracks are subtle, but they are definitely there. If you’ve listened to the album multiple times you should realise it already in the first few notes. I have ripped the tape from start to finish without any edits, the only thing I have done is to remove the blank space in between tracks. 

As you can see there is no mention of the 3 unreleased tracks on the cover of the tape (I guess Varg didn’t want them to be included in the album) but this is the tape where they came from and they are genuine tracks created by Varg (which he has confirmed). The tape would have probably come with a letter explaining this but it would have been long lost at this stage.

I also sent pictures of the tape to Varg last year and he replied that “That is my home-made cover”, in case there was any doubt. Also, according to him the final track was to be titled "Oslo 2000", and he also told me that, "It was meant to suggest that we are heading for a civil war. Because of immigration." 

This is obviously a one-off tape so anyone selling these tracks elsewhere or making replicas of the tape are just trying to make money off you (I am not uploading them anywhere else).


Thursday, April 18, 2019

Ode To The Countess

Track taken from "The Great Lands Of Minas Ithil" DEMO 1994 that will be released on CD by FROST & FIRE RECORDS in May 2019. Official re-press. Remastered by Equitant.


Monday, April 15, 2019

Great Lands and Fallen Walls

- The Great Lands Of Minas Ithil Demo #2 1994 -
CD 2019

Track List:

I. The Fallen Walls Of Agurak (A Time Of Misery) Part I - Remix
II. The Fallen Walls Of Agurak (A New Beginning) Part II - Remix
III. Love Poem For Elizabeth Bathory
IV. When The Istari Wizards Appeared In Middle Earth (The Days Of The Kings Had Come To An End)
V. Dorchacht (Unreleased)
VI. Ruins (Unreleased)
VII. Unsere Rache (Unreleased)
VIII. Tá Mé An Ceann Amháin A Mhaireann (Unreleased)

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

OMAIMON PARADOSIS bloodstains Facebook

I think so far, all the regular visitors of this blog know that since two years now, Omaimon Paradosis is also present in Facebook.  But most of this time not so active. I was only posting notes when there was a blog update and thats about it. 

However, the last months I`ve decided to activate it more.  Probably most of you who are already on the friends list noticed that there are daily updates and even two or three times within the same day.  Promoting stuff that the blog is known for.  Suggestions for Film/series, vintage stuff, history, music, art, books,  articles, videos and in general all sorts of stuff that are of the same nature that the blog is found for.  Also in future,  I have some ideas to expand it further.  For now, the first step will be to upload photos (and maybe live videos) in real-time from places that I`m visiting or other activities of mine. I did it already as a test a couple of times and it worked fine.

So, keep in mind that the 90% of this updates will be exclusively for the OMAIMON PARADOSIS facebook page and will not appear here. 

The facebook page can be viewed by members only. To find it simply search for : 
omaimon paradosis  

By Fire and Sword  - See you all there!

Monday, April 8, 2019

The Kingdom of Bayreuth

Bayreuth Festspielhaus - The Cult temple once created and ruled by the monarch named Richard Wagner. Inside its walls, dramas of the original Germanic faith taking place under the watchful eye of the gods of Asgard. The cult of Blood and Steel with its prophets envision the world going down in flames. Nowadays, darkness engulfs this Bavarian citadel. How many moons will pass before the wrathful awakening of the sons of Siegfried that will mark a return to claim their kingdom? Time shall tell....

Here are some photos from various initiations and rites that took place hundreds of nights ago....

Source : Bayreuther Festspiele Bilder