Tuesday, April 9, 2019

OMAIMON PARADOSIS bloodstains Facebook

I think so far, all the regular visitors of this blog know that since two years now, Omaimon Paradosis is also present in Facebook.  But most of this time not so active. I was only posting notes when there was a blog update and thats about it. 

However, the last months I`ve decided to activate it more.  Probably most of you who are already on the friends list noticed that there are daily updates and even two or three times within the same day.  Promoting stuff that the blog is known for.  Suggestions for Film/series, vintage stuff, history, music, art, books,  articles, videos and in general all sorts of stuff that are of the same nature that the blog is found for.  Also in future,  I have some ideas to expand it further.  For now, the first step will be to upload photos (and maybe live videos) in real-time from places that I`m visiting or other activities of mine. I did it already as a test a couple of times and it worked fine.

So, keep in mind that the 90% of this updates will be exclusively for the OMAIMON PARADOSIS facebook page and will not appear here. 

The facebook page can be viewed by members only. To find it simply search for : 
omaimon paradosis  

By Fire and Sword  - See you all there!

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