Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Walpurgis Night 2019 - Remembering The Mystic Visitor of Carnuntum

June of 1911 - A pilgrimage in the pagan gate Heidentor - Carnuntum. 
Third from the left is Guido Von List

"List generally preferred his own company and preferred to venture alone, which earned him a reputation as a mystic loner. He had a tendency to ritualize his romps through nature. List would regularly celebrate the summer solstice. On one such occasion, in 1875, he and some friends came across the ruins of the Roman town of Carnuntum. They decided to camp by the ruins and spent the night drinking. Feeling particularly sentimental, as it was the 1500th anniversary of the Germanic tribe’s victory over the Romans, List started a fire under the Pagan Gate. He then proceeded to bury eight wine bottles in the shape of a swastika."
Nicholas Goodrick - Clarke "The Occult Roots of Nazism"

A century later....

Heidentor - Carnuntum 
Photos by Gerhard Hallstatt 05.05.2009
(Used with permission) 

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