Monday, November 29, 2010

Best Releases of 2010

Here are some of the best releases of 2010. According to my own opinion ofcourse. If you have not got any of them so far, do not hesitate! Stop downloading and invest your money to bands that truly worth it. The ones below belongs to this category.

BURZUM "Belus"

LEICHENZUG "Das Letzte Gebet"

NITBERG "Nagelreid"


DISIPLIN "Hosti Humani Generis"

A.M.B.S. "Aere Perrenivs"

DARK FURY "Saligia"

ABSURD "Life Beyond The Grave:1992-1994"

AKITSA "Au Crepuscule de l`esperance"

GRAVELAND/KREUZFEUR "Tribute to the King of Aquilonia"

LONNDOM "Viddernas Tolv Kapitel"

STORMHEIT "Chronicon Finlandiae

SUNWHEEL "Industry of Death"

Thursday, November 25, 2010

GOLDEN DAWN - Message to The European Nationalists


With the oportunity of our recent electional success in the municipal and district elections that took place in Greece on November 7th 2010, we would like to greet all the Nationalist fighters across Europe and especially the German fighters of the NPD. Our common Struggle for a Europe of free and sovereign nations, of social justice, against the enslavement to international capitalism and the ideological withering because of liberalism and the deplorable remains of marxism, goes on.

In Greece, with its capital Athens, literaly filled with foreigners, with the IMF having already enslaved our country and with Turkey becoming even more provocative, we decided to give the electional battle in the national municipal and district elections gaining in the City of Athens a percentage of 5,3%, obtaining a seat in the Municipal Council. Thus we crushed the conspiracy of silence imposed by the Greek media and we managed to make our voice heard across Greece, as well as in the rest of Europe. But this is only the beginning. The fight must go on and it will commence relentlessly until the final victory of the nationalist forces in the whole of Europe.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

Evola As He Is

Here is a nice website titled "Evola As He Is". It includes several unpublished works from the Black Baron of Sicily. Dont know how old this site is as i have already seen some of those works always published in English language, but nevertheless there is a lot of stuff there to check out and to my knowledge (In most of them) these are their first version in english.

"We stand today at the end of a cycle. For centuries, without in the beginning being noticeable, multiple evolutions have destroyed in the West every physical and legal order, have adulterated every great perception for life, action, knowledge and fight. This movement of fall, with its speed and irrationality, were named progress.

We stand today in the middle of a world of ruins. The question is: do any people exist, upright on their feet, amid these ruins? And what should, what can these people do?

Like spirit, something exists that can be used as a trace for our inner strength, Strength of Revolt and Reconstruction. It is the Chivalry Spirit. It is the attitude of those who had always learn to fight even when the battle was ‘‘materially’’ lost. Those who knew how to give power to the words of the ancient maxim ‘‘faith is stronger than fire’’.

We have to be tested. We need to realise who we really are. In front of a world of moral swamp and with the principle that ‘‘satisfaction is before every other value’’ we must resist. We can not do otherwise. This is our Way. This is our Existence."

Barone Giulio Cesare Andrea Evola

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Remembering November 9th: Und Ihr Habt Doch Gesiegt!

"Remembering November 9th.
16 fallen comrades were the first "blood martyrs" of the NSDAP and were remembered by Hitler in the foreword of Mein Kampf. The Nazi flag they carried, which in the course of events was stained with blood, came to be known as the Blutfahne (blood flag) and was brought out for the swearing in of new recruits in front of the Feldherrnhalle when Hitler was in power. Shortly after he came to power, a memorial was placed at the south side of the Feldherrnhalle crowned with a swastika. The back of the memorial read Und ihr habt doch gesiegt! (And you triumphed nevertheless!). Behind it flowers were laid, and either policemen or the SS stood guard in between a lower plaque. Passers-by were required to give the Hitler salute. The putsch was also commemorated on three sets of stamps. Mein Kampf was dedicated to the fallen and, in the book Ich Kämpfe (given to those joining the party circa 1943), they are listed first even though the book lists hundreds of other dead. The header text in the book read "Though they are dead for their acts they will live on forever." The army had a division named the Feldherrnhalle regiment, and there was also an SA Feldherrnhalle division. "Die Neunte Elfte" (the "Ninth of the Eleventh") became one of the most important dates on the Nazi calendar, especially following the seizure of power in 1933."

Monday, November 8, 2010

GOLDEN DAWN - Regional and Municipal Elections 2010

Big success for the Nationalist Movement in Hellas!
In the regional and municipal elections that take place today, so far Golden Dawn takes more than 5,3 % of the votes(In last elections around 5 years ago it took around 1% of the votes). This means that from now on Golden Dawn will have one member elected in the Municipal council of Athens. At this moment, journalists in TV can`t believe that Golden Dawn took so high percentage and some of them said: "From now on, we have to worry". They are right!

PS. In some areas of Athens, Golden Dawn is in 3rd place with around 20% of the votes!

Here is a photo from the Golden Dawn headquarters taken few min ago (Right now is 24:15, Greek time)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

MANOWAR re-recording "Battle Hymns"

Ok, i`m not that sure if thats a good idea. Battle Hymns was truly great and has an amazing sound. Whats the reason the band to re-record it? Perhaps they are out of the ideas for a new album and those re-recordings are quite a trend lately. Though to be honest, SODOM`s "The Final Sign of Evil" which contains the re-recorded songs from "In The Sign of Evil" did not sounded so bad(Ofcourse nothing compare to the original).Even if the band have to release a good album since the 80`s(Sodom i mean). To the case of Manowar and since we talk about different type of music, i`m afraid it will sound too "Modern". Perhaps i`m wrong. We have to wait and see then...
See the video below with Joey DeMaio speaking about those re-recordings.

PS. Also i`m curious to see the new layout.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Finally, i had the chance last week to spend my holidays in Norway. A land that i have so much read, heard and listened about all those years. What to say really? Norway is a country of an incredible beauty. Nice landscapes, great weather and the mark of Nordic identity almost everywere (At least to the places i visited). Oslo was really good and not so bad as i expected it ( I had in my mind something like Copenhagen or Stockholm). Nice museums and some really good places to visit there. Though i`m glad that i spend a lot of time in the countryside, walking amongst hills and woods and gathering around bonfires. Every moment out there was like having in front of me a Kittelsen`s painting. Now i understand fully, this man captured the soul of this country in his works. Below is few pictures of this journey.

A view from the window

Afternoon in the hills

Gathering around the fire. Eihwaz (Disiplin) on the left and Me on the right.

Somewhere in the centre of Oslo

Oslo centre. I think thats the parliament. Nice bulding but for useless works(as in every european country)

Oslo centre. Outside the entrance of the National Museum/Gallery of Art

From the first view, a familiar place from the Varg Vikernes trial. The courthouse.

The statue in front of King`s palace.

A rainy morning. Outside the Viking Ship Museum.

A rainy morning. Somewhere between Asker and Røyken.