Sunday, August 2, 2020

The Year Without a Summer, Famine and a Writter's Contest

In the shadow of the recent covid19 lockdowns,  house restrictions and world pandemic its intresting to see how famous writters of the past reacted to more or less similar situations. The result was the creation of marvelous novels, poems and stories.

"The extraordinary worldwide meteorological events of 1816 resulted in that year being christened the "year without a summer". A close succesion of major volcanic eruption occured across the globe from 1811-1814. This series was then capped by the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in the Dutch East Indies - The largest known eruption in over 1,300 years. Occuring during the middle of the Dalton Minumum ( a period of unusual low solar activity), it added to an existing cooling trend that had been periodically ongoing since 1350. The summer of 1816 saw average global temperatures by 0.4 - 0.7 celsius (0.07 - 1.3 F), resulting in major food shortages across the Northern Hemisphere and the worst famine of the 19th century in many other parts of the world. In July the incessant rainfall of an unusually cold, wet summer obliges Mary Shelley, her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley, Lord Byron, John William Polidori, and other friends to remain indoors for the balance of their Swiss holiday. As a form of entertainment they conducted a contest to see who could write the scariest story, leading Mary Shelley to write the novel Frankenstein and Lord Byron to write the short story "Fragment of a Novel." In addition, Lord Byron also wrote a poem, "Darkness," at the same time. Polidori would later use Byron's "Fragment" as the basis for his tale The Vampyre (1819), which was the first vampire story in the English Language."

Taken from James Pontolillo's THE BLACK SUN UNVEILED book (Chapter: Mary Shelley and the Black Sun 1826

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Strength of Faith and The Holy Worldview

The National Socialist movement is a movement of faith in the deepest sense of the word. The strength of its faith brought it from humble beginnings to the dominant force in the Reich. There was good reason to name the first party rally after the takeover of power the “victory of faith.” Behind every flag, every badge, every symbol of the movement is the faith of him who bears it, who first had to bear the flag, the badge or the symbol through historic struggle to victory. In this holy worldview, which anchors the flags, badges and symbols in the depths of the soul and in their connection to the experience of battle, is the best guarantee for the worldview force and existence of the movement.

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Monday, June 29, 2020


FIRST PHOTO : Cover of THE TURNER DIARIES. A novel written in 1978.
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SECOND PHOTO : 29th of June 2020. St. Louis - USA 
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The similarities are more than obvious. The world is heading towards in what described at The Turner Diaries.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Bolshevism - Then and Now


Saint Abraham of rostov destroys a statue of pagan god Veles 

Saint Demetrios destroy a pagan temple
  Saint Aemilianus, known for his destruction of ancient temples and libraries
Here he is shown using ropes to pull down a statue.
His followers are breaking up statues with picks and axes


Monday, June 8, 2020

Reminisces of a Black Metal Revolt

Soon to be released by LOHENGRIN PRODUCTIONS
'Black Metal Media 1992-1994' Book

 The book is a comprehensive collection of around 600+ scans of Norwegian newspaper articles with important information translated to English. Currently there are 830 pages scanned but lots of doubles will be cut out.
More information later this month and pre-orders hopefully early next month.



Monday, May 25, 2020

The Baron Speaks - A New Interview with Rob Miller of Amebix/Tau Cross

The first interview after the recent PC witchunt 

 Taken from : EXCUSE THE BLOOD

The following interview/discussion is with Rob Miller. Readers may know of him through his work with the seminal crust-punk pioneers Amebix, as well as with Tau Cross. In additional to his musical output, Rob is also a globally renowned swordsmith, for some 30 years plying his craft through Castle Keep. This Q&A looks at the history of Amebix and the forthcoming Tau Cross album. Other questions concern the practice and wider meaning of swordsmithing to the modern world, as well as wider questions surrounding technology, mysticism and culture.

One of the great qualities about Amebix was that the atmospheres of post-punk, the visceral guitars of early heavy metal and the raw anger of anarcho-punk are merged together seamlessly into a tribal, ritualistic whole. Could you perhaps give us a quick chronology of Amebix? What got yourself and the other band members at the time to eventually mature and then achieve the sound that you’d commit to tape? Who and what influenced each of you individually?

Growing up in Rural Devon in the 60s and 70’s my brother and I started a band in 1979 after he returned from a stint working on the island of Jersey. I was still in school, and formed a couple of different incarnations of the first band “The Band With No Name’ playing in local village halls, having fun being a young bunch of kids messing around with this new idea called Punk Rock.

The darker side of things really began with our moving into Martin Bakers house on the edge of the moors, an old Manor House with ruins dating back to the Saxon era. His parents were living in London so he opened the place up to us without anyone knowing about it. We practiced at night,slept during the day, lived a nocturnal existence.

We moved to Bristol in 1981 just after the riots and started to live a life of Squats and general uselessness punctuated by the occasional foray into a studio to produce two singles, a 12” and eventually the defining album “Arise!”. Moving back to a more rural
setting in a small Somerset mining village we continued until 1987,when the final album “Monolith” was released.

Shortly after the band dissolved into different areas,to emerge again in 2009 for a
retrospective DVD project with the help of drummer Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour/Ministry/Nausea etc etc). This led to the triumphant “Sonic Mass” album in 2011, after which the familiar gremlins reared their ugly heads again and the band once more dissolved into a now unresolvable form.

I went on to start my own band called Tau Cross,releasing a first album to considerable praise, the second to a little less. The third album was due to be released last August but was shelved by Relapse records due to the reference I made to an author in the thanks list. I also lost my band and the entire catalog in production, received Worldwide opprobrium and some idle threats along the way. At this point in time I have started to re write and record that forbidden album, as I believe it is a good body of work that can only be improved on now.

You can read the full interview HERE