Thursday, July 19, 2018

Ode to The Night and Dreams

To romanticize the world is to make us aware of the magic, mystery and wonder of the world; it is to educate the senses to see the ordinary as extraordinary, the familiar as strange, the mundane as sacred, the finite as infinite.

Must the morning always return? Will the despotism of the earthly never cease? Unholy activity consumes the angel-visit of the Night. Will the time never come when Love's hidden sacrifice shall burn eternally? To the Light a season was set; but everlasting and boundless is the dominion of the Night. Endless is the duration of sleep. Holy Sleep, gladden not too seldom in this earthly day-labor, the devoted servant of the Night. Fools alone mistake thee, knowing nought of sleep but the shadow which, in the twilight of the real Night, thou pitifully castest over us.

NOVALIS - Hymns To The Night

Ride To The Nightsky and Back

Monday, July 16, 2018

The Blessing of Dying Young - The Example of Kleobis and Biton

He whom the gods love dies young

 "In the story, Solon tells of how these Argive brothers took their mother named Cydippe, a priestess at the temple of Hera, to a festival for the goddess to be held in town. When their mother's oxen could not be found, the brothers yoked themselves to their mother's cart and drove her the six miles to the temple. Having arrived at the festival, the mother prayed for Hera to bestow a gift upon her sons for their strength and devotion, which Hera listened and rewarded the sons. When the prayers and the sacrifice were over, Kleobis and Biton fell asleep in the temple and never woke up, which was the gift Hera bestowed on the boys: allowing for them to die. To honor the two brothers, the people of Delphi dedicated statues of them to the temple of Apollo, allowing for these statues to be seen as funeral memorials."

Source: wikipedia


Thursday, July 12, 2018

This Vulgar Herd Known as "The People"

Blog's Comment: The crowd/mod psychology. As it seems few things has changed since Shakespeare's times. The herd will always be the herd. Whomever blindly trust it, found himself at the end of a rope. 
The clip below is taken from the a modern adaptation of "Coriolanus" in the 2011 British film. Note, the truly extraordinary performance of Raplh Fiennes as "Gaius Martius" , the Roman general who doesn`t hide his low opinion of what is widely known today as "the people". William Shakespeare wrote his famous tragedy "Coriolanus" based on his life. Original text is also included below. The underlines are mine.

What’s the matter, you dissentious rogues,
That, rubbing the poor itch of your opinion,
Make yourselves scabs?

We have ever your good word.

He that will give good words to thee will flatter
Beneath abhorring.
What would you have, you curs,
That like nor peace nor war? the one affrights you,
The other makes you proud. He that trusts to you,
Where he should find you lions, finds you hares;
Where foxes, geese. 
Who deserves greatness
Deserves your hate;
Trust Ye?
With every minute you do change a mind,
And call him noble that was now your hate,
Him vile that was your garland. What's the matter,
That in these several places of the city
You cry against the noble senate, who,
Under the gods, keep you in awe, which else
Would feed on one another? 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

JACK LONDON`s Wolf & Death!

Wolf is not Larsen's real given name. His genuine given name is never revealed. Dialogue heavily implies that he is called "Wolf" because of his nature and viciousness, and, for similar reasons, his brother is called "Death".
JACK LONDON Sea-Wolf (1904)


Thursday, July 5, 2018

Man of Destiny

28th of August 1939
On the eve of the invasion to Poland

Meeting between Hermann Göring, Henrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler

Göring: ‘Let’s stop trying to break the bank.’

Hitler: ‘It’s the only game I’ve ever played, breaking banks.’


Monday, July 2, 2018

Auf Wiedersehen Gudrun!

8 August 1929 – 24 May 2018

Friday, June 29, 2018

Warchants of The Cythraul Clan

In times before the over exploitation of BLACK/DEATH Metal underground to foreign eyes, the gigs meant something more than a musical event. It was gathering of wolves and hounds ready to shed blood, to spread like wildfire.
The bands were not just musicians. They were knights in black leather. Barbarians in spikes, chains and warpaint. Executioners riding directly from the steel kingdoms of a dark heroic fantasy epic.

Lets take a glimpse from these nights that long gone. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the Southern Abyssic Communion of ABSU, the KONX OM PAX directly from the Celtic Underworld: