Thursday, August 15, 2019

A Painting as an Embodiment of Modern Western Democracy

As we all know, oftenly paintings were created portraying symbolically various things. The Renaissance painters used mythologial themes and figures that their era was found upon. The same goes for the Dutch and Flemish school of art. In more times, the modern (see degenerate) so called "art" depicted themes based on its surroundings or the "ideals" of its creators ( Pablo Picasso etc). 
Earlier today, I saw in the news the latest on the Jeffrey Epstein's case. The jewish pedophile that commited suicide (even many are still in doubts about it) few days ago. According to this news, a painting portrait was found in Epstein's office in Manhattan, New York. 
And its this one:

See more details and photos HERE

Its already in the news all over the world and dont fool yourself. This is a very valuable piece of our times. The american colours (red, white and blue), the reference to uncle sam's "I want you" and that its an american president in women's clothes and the fact that the painting found in his jewish closed friend's home, for me makes this the PERFECT EMBODIMENT of our times and the nature of modern western democracy.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

SPEAR OF LONGINUS Live Album Coming Soon!

SPEAR OF LONGINUS Live Album to be released during 2019

LP - Darker Than Black Records
CD - Totenkopf Propaganda Productions
TAPE - Final Agony Records



1 Atomika/Egipto.
2 Saga.
3 Better of Dead.
4 Cruel Buddha.
5 Cosmic Devastator ( Watching the Watcher ).
6 Fall of the Rebel Angels.
7 YHVH Penis Abominator.
8 Rite of Ragnarok.
9 The Ibis of my Lost Soul ( From whence I came ).
10 Riders of a cold and violent wind.
11 Jarls Quest: Eternal.
12 Nebularsia.
13 Nazi Occult Metal.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

EQUITANT - The Great Lands of Minas Ithil - CD Out Now!!!


 EQUITANT - The Great Lands of Minas Ithil – Demo II 1994 CD

Behold! The Dark Epic of the kingdom Agurak has returned! Featuring the original 1994 demo tracks (+ 4 unreleased bonus tracks with 8 page booklet) to glorify the ancient Kingdom Agurak. Dark Medieval Occult Hymns performed by Equitant Ifernain, Shaftiel & Black Mass Prayer from ABSU and EQUIMANTHORN fame. Official reissue of Demo II 1994 in CD format for the first time ever!
The Circle of Agurak has returned! Hail Victory!


Saturday, July 6, 2019

Words Like a Sword - The Case of Rob Miller

Sometimes life is full or irony, isnt it?

Have you heard of AMEBIX? The famous British anarcho-Punk band. Created by Rob "The Baron" Miller in the late 70s and still to these days they are considered as godfathers in the leftist/anarchist movement.

Click here for more info:

Few years ago , the ex-AMEBIX leader, Rob Miller formed TAU CROSS. A project together with a VOIVOD member. Until recently everything went fine for them. Signed on Relapse, did tours etc

Few days ago happened this:

After that, immediately the news spread in the music press all over the world like wildfire. The music industry and press with all their minions and puppets are still in shock because you see, Rob Miller is a "big name" and you can`t shut him down so easily. And even worser for them, Rob Miller refused to step back. And now, according to them, Rob Miller has crossed the opposite side of his former political ideas.

Below follows his official statement that released few hours ago.

As for the rest of the band members? They issued a statement too. See it here:

Shame on you! Cowards, weaklings that you run and sold your fellow band member. You gave up any sense of dignity so to keep your bank accounts intact.

On the other side, Hail to The Baron who refused to bend the knee to these corrupted lords of lies. As long as such people exist, their reign will not last forever!

You can find the statement of Rob Miller HERE


Rob Miller as Swordsmith :

Thursday, June 27, 2019

To All Lovers of Real History & Truth - The Latest David Irving News

The latest news from English historian David Irving from the newsletter I received today morning.  To receive it yourself directly you can subscribe at

Writing from St. Augustine, northern Florida,
Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Hello. I am just writing to inform you among other things, as a good friend and customer, of progress on my last three works, including the biographies of Heinrich Himmler and Winston Churchill, vol.3, all of which are complete or written in draft. Over the years I have carved out my own niche among historians; you might like to take in briefly what Peter Mayer, the late CEO and publisher of Penguin Books, said explaining his decision to continue publishing me, despite hostile attacks from those whom we all suspect of interfering in the background.

My work on Heinrich Himmler is reaching a conclusion; I am already editing page 620 of the final manuscript. I have plumbed his life, and drilled deep down into personal letters and archives which other authors did not reach. Sometimes we historians reach conclusions with no evidence at all or worse, against the evidence governments want us to believe.

As simple as, How did he die? There were surely enough witnesses. And yet I have concluded differently, which will lead to more hatred of, or annoyance, at least irritation at me.... I am incorrigible: can't be bought, and can't be bought off. Exegi monumentum aere perennius, the ancient poet Horace wrote (Ode 3, 30). I have written around thirty books. Governments and lawyers can no longer hurt me: they already took everything. The principal actors are long deceased too.

So this: some of you have wondered why my personal website fell silent for a few days earlier this month. I had come back to this house in northern Florida planning to revise the final Himmler chapters, and was struck down by a mysterious bug which took me, an Englishman, to the local hospital's Emergency wing. Here fine American doctors carried out a whole raft of tests and X-rays and have finally come up with a [prognosis] of kidney issues, curing which will make me feel better and more comfortable - until the hospital bills come. As a UK citizen, I carried no insurance, but I intend to meet my obligations.

My work on Heinrich Himmler continues, and will come out this year, a beautiful production like all the others we produce. Please consider assisting me to meet the hospital's bills, by sending a donation, anonymous if you wish. By way of thanks I will sign and send you a rare 30-minute archive DVD of the failed attempt to destroy me made in 1977 by the late Mr. David Frost on the BBC, in which endeavour the British press at least decided he had failed.

Yours very sincerely,

David Irving


Saturday, June 22, 2019

The Crusade for Europe

As of today, 22nd of June. The Crusade for Europe begun. 
Code name: Unternehmen Barbarossa

Particpants in Numbers

"The War for Mankind's Future"

ADOLF HITLER speaks about Operation Barbarossa

See the video here:


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Great Hellenic Encyclopedia

(An original first version of the Great Hellenic Encyclopedia. Pic taken from a local auction site)

( Portrait of Pavlos Drandakis - founder and editor of encyclopedia)

In the GREAT HELLENIC ENCYCLOPEDIA - PYRSOS/DRANDAKIS that was released in the 1st of March 1926, amongst several university teachers etc many entries was written by a Greek lady named MAXIMIANI PORTASI, any idea who was she?

Rhetorical question ofcourse!