Saturday, June 25, 2016

UK Referendum - A Response To WAR FLAG Blog

A brief response to the article British Europeans by the blog WAR FLAG.

I was waiting to see the final answer to the United Kingdom referendum about their membership in EU so to write some of my views of this matter.
In the beginning of his article Sun W. Knight described perfectly the real nature of EU. As we all know today, EU is not only just political hybrid which has nothing to do with the real foundations of Europe, but in most cases fanatically works against the intrests of the European Nations and our Culture & Traditions. 
I think thats Its exactly in this point that Sun W. Knight contradict himself in his own writtings. Why UK has to remain attached to an institution so alien and hostile to the authentic European Culture? Quite the contrary! Any Nation distanced itself from the Brussels conclave is taking a step to the right direction!  
The fact that the traditional enemies of authentic Europe such the City of London, the international stock markets, all parties from different sides of the political spectrum, the entertainment industry and every show biz freak, pervert and other trash etc sided with "Bremain" is worthy alone to vote against it.
From the way i see it, its definitely positive that large numbers of British people has not subjugated into fear and blackmail of economic trusts and other cosmopolitan criminals. 
Lets hope, in the verge of his biological annihilation, the only and true landlord, the native European man will realize that he has nothing to share with every parasite from africa and asia. The pseudo-europe of "enlightment" and parliamentary democracy must die so the real Europe to rise. EU is an obstacle to such perspective, therefore lets works towards its ruination. I think the answer to the UK referendum delivered a strong message with an important symbolism.

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Two Caves of Hymettus

In south suburbs of Athens. In the place where mount Hymettus faces the coastline, its the location of another cave of Pan. A place which as it seems used to be called with many names and its history is carved on its stone walls.

Here you can read more about is: Vari Cave 

We have never been there before. Upon the arrival there, we found out that it was hard to get inside without the proper equipment. Also just a few metres nearby another cave in located. It looked more like a chasm  on the earth. A strange, gigantic hole with uknown depths. In the end we left without be able to enter in both caves. However it was an intresting visit in afternoon hours. There will be a return for sure, this time more organized as at least in the first cave, its a must to examine its inside from close.
The photos that follows give a view about these two caves and their mysterious aura.  

Thursday, June 2, 2016



SPEAR OF LONGINUS Domni Satnasi Rehearsal TAPE

Now available for first time! A Spear of Longinus Rehearsal that took place before the actual Domni Satnasi recording sessions. 3 tracks + unreleased intro/outro with a total playtime of 27 minutes.ESOTERIC NS METAL! Comes in pro-maded, factory-sealed Tapes. Limited to 250 copies.

Sample :


Out now on Totenkopf Propaganda: MCD release of Arische Freiheit. These three tracks with a running time of eighteen minutes - the only of Arische Freiheit short history - were never released in any official capacity, demo or otherwise. Recorded in 1997, the music, while crude and primitive Pagan Doom/Death drudgery, represents the feeling of being slowly pulled apart by the forces of postmodern demise; as though sitting and watching the light of Being grow dimmer and dimmer before fading out for the last time...



Officially Distributed by FROST & FIRE