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Leonard Misonne - The Artist of Photography

"Belgian photographer Leonard Misonne (1870-1943) trained as an engineer before discovering photography. Raised in Gilly, Belgium, the photographer traveled throughout his homeland and beyond to capture the landscape and people of Europe in the Pictorialist style. Photographs, characterized by soft, painterly scenes, were created through alternative printing processes that utilize materials such as oil and gum bichromate. The Pictorialist movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries sought to elevate photography to the level of other fine arts such as painting and sculpture.

Misonne said, "The sky is the key to the landscape." This philosophy is clear in many of Misonne's images, often filled with billowing clouds, early morning fog, or rays of sunlight. The artist excelled at capturing his subjects in dramatic, directional light, illuminating figures from behind, which resulted in a halo effect. Favoring stormy weather conditions, Misonne often found his subjects navigating the streets under umbrellas or braced against the gusts of a winter blizzard.

Misonne's mastery of the various printing processes that he used is evidenced by the fine balance between what has been photographically captured and what has been manipulated by the artist's hand in each print. To perfect this balance, Misonne created his own process, called mediobrome, combining bromide and oil printing.

The artist's monochromatic prints in both warm and cool tones convey a strong sense of place and time, as well as a sense of nostalgia for his familiar homeland. Whether the subject is a city street or a pastoral landscape, the perfect light carefully captured by Misonne creates a serene and comforting scene reminiscent of a dreamscape."
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More pictures HERE 



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2007 - 2017 -- Ten Years of Omaimon Paradosis

 "Mobilis In Mobili"

The rapid passing of time was always in issue to any thinking individual . As it seems in the last phase of our endtimes, time flies faster than ever.

Last April marked exactly ten years of existence for this blog.

Here is the first post:

Nowadays, 10 years later, I`ll not change even a single word from this statement. The cause of the creation of this blog remains the same!

Ofcourse , and thats inevitable, during this decade I promoted stuff by persons (bands, labels etc) that nowadays I regret that I aligned with them in the first place.  On the other hand, In the process of searching stuff to post on the blog, I discovered great things. Especially on the side of art and the history of our rich European past. So, more positives than negatives....

 On the opening statement in the first post of the blog, I spoke of how much I despise stagnation. Therefore its about time to make one step further. Something to mark this 10th year anniversary.


Its official and its me behind it. 
If you are intrested to add it, simply search there for Omaimon Paradosis
or click at this link :

The reason I made this page is to spread the Blog posts further, and also promote some other stuff and intresting blogs.  When I started the blog, they were not many around. Now there is a good number of like-minded blogs and from time to time I`ll reccomend them through my page.
Feel free to send your suggestions (be reasonable!) and also to share things of same nature as Omaimon Paradosis.

(NOTE THIS : Everything is welcomed except anything to do with Black Metal. Facebook is the most anti-black metal medium ever existed and i`ll not intent to contribute further to the decay and the circus the scene has become these days. Thanks to facebook)

Ideologically I`m not going to compromise so to fit to facebook standards. As long as it lasts, the page will be there. If not, no problem. I`ll continue in the same way as I do 10 years now.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

American Patriots versus the Long Hand of Global Capitalism

We saw few days ago the recent happenings in Charlottesville, Usa. True American patriots and activists standing against the whole world, defending the legacy of their grandfathers against the gangs that sponsored by the global oligarchy to do the "dirty job" where the media and goverments of this International kliken fail.

Yes, Charlottesville is a victory of the Heritage forces. Mostly because it shows what Whites can do if they are united and prepared to act at all costs. 
A right hand salute to every true American patriot who participated , fought and bled on the historial soil of Virginia. 


Saturday, August 12, 2017


Crafted between the Summer Solstice and the Fullmoon eclipse of August , the recordings of DREADFUL RELIC`s debut are now finished!

More info in due time....

As a prelude to this album NWN! PRODUCTIONS in co-operation with FROST & FIRE RECORDS will release a 7" Single.
Details are following...


Track List:

COMBAT ALCHEMIST - Track taken from the album
ELDERS OF ANTARKTOS (THEIR GROTESQUE ADVENT) - Track exclusive for this single only
RITE OF CTHULHU (SAMAEL cover) - Track exclusive for this single only

To be released on Samhain of 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017

BLACK METAL - The Cult of Esoteric Heathendom

VARG VIKERNES - Taken from a letter to a German counterpart (1995)


Monday, August 7, 2017

ERNST ZUNDEL - 1939-2017 Forever Defiance!

Ernst Zündel died on 5th of August. Instead of words of mourning, I`m pretty sure that even himself would like the announcement about his death to be a reminder to every White European about what he fought and the cause that dedicated his life. Most of the times against powerful lobbies who pull the strings behind goverments, but did not managed to break the will of a man alone. 
Because this is the stock that giants are made from!

Auf Wiedersehen Kamerad!

Friday, August 4, 2017

The 4th of August in Hellas

Without a doubt I dissagree in several matters with the 4th of August regime. However this doesn`t change the fact that its leader Ionnis Metaxas was a brilliant military officer and also as a politician a man with great vision for Hellas and with the best of intentions. The big difference with other the Nationalist movements of its time, was that Metaxas had not complete authority to do what he truly desired. Above him was this judeo-masonic puppet King George II who was ofcourse serving the British intrests.

Now we know from his private diaries that Metaxas knew exactly whats going on in the world and he was fully aware of the Jewish problem. Thats why he "died"(see murdered) during a routine surgery on his throat.

Here are a couple of intresting videos I found on Youtube. Give an insight on Hellenic things during the 30s under the 4th of August regime leadership.

More info on the 4th of August Regime HERE


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

SPEAR OF LONGINUS Revolt Apocalyptik Doomcrust 2018


SPEAR OF LONGINUS unique gig in the 2017 edition of HOT SHOWER Festival 
in audio format!

To be released by: