Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Police raid Golden Dawn headquarters


On Sunday morning, 21st of February, Greek police raided the central political offices of the Hellenic Nationalist Movement of Golden Dawn, in Athens, with the presence of a state attorney. The investigation was a total fiasco as they did not find anything that could be incriminating evidence.

The Golden Dawn Movement is a legitimate political party that took part several times in the parliamentary and European elections. This kind of political oppression from the “socialist” government is totally unacceptable; especially if we consider that Greek police never took action against militant anarchist squats and that the judicature system never took action against political corruption of the parliamentary parties.

Nationalism is on the rise throughout Europe and the only way of the “democrats” to stop us, is to become “undemocratic”. However, we can only state that we are ready for everything and we will continue our struggle for Race and Nation!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Graveland website!

Amazing new Graveland website with tons of info. Though it miss a lot of stuff (Photos , interviews e.t.c.) from the early Graveland era. I hope Rob will add more in future.


Welcome on new official Graveland website!

I hope you all like new graphic setting.

I think it illustrates the atmosphere and climate of music I recorded during last few years.

I would like to thank one person – my pagan kindred spirit for help and inspiration to create this new website... Siristru – thank you for your help and motivation!

The site is still under construction. I will add song lyrics and more mp3 to listen. Also more graphics that were used on Graveland albums. I think that in future we will add some more elements as we have new ideas…

I encourage you to register your e-mail addresses in order to subscribe Graveland newsletter. When I have new information e.g. about new Graveland recordings, t-shirts etc. newsletter will be sent to you.

I remind you that you can write me if you want to buy Graveland albums. If you are looking for something you cannot find, please contact me. Maybe I will be able to help you.

Be Proud and live in Honour! Raise Your Swords! Heathen Regards!


Website address :

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Golden Dawn & independent Nationalists against the Multiracial tyrrany!

Monday 8th of February 2010.
A meeting was taking place in the old parliament of Athens for the support of immigrants. The president of Industrialists, a Bishop, leftist parties members, the president of the workerʼs union, all together hand-hand in support of the immigrants and the government which plans to grant Greek citizenship to asiatics and africans. But the Golden Dawn, together with independent Nationalists, invaded the place and took the microphones to tell to everyone in there that "Greece belong to the Greeks!" and "You canʼt become Greek, you are born!" until special forces of the police push them out of the hall.

Thatʼs all in few words.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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