Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Graveland website!

Amazing new Graveland website with tons of info. Though it miss a lot of stuff (Photos , interviews e.t.c.) from the early Graveland era. I hope Rob will add more in future.


Welcome on new official Graveland website!

I hope you all like new graphic setting.

I think it illustrates the atmosphere and climate of music I recorded during last few years.

I would like to thank one person – my pagan kindred spirit for help and inspiration to create this new website... Siristru – thank you for your help and motivation!

The site is still under construction. I will add song lyrics and more mp3 to listen. Also more graphics that were used on Graveland albums. I think that in future we will add some more elements as we have new ideas…

I encourage you to register your e-mail addresses in order to subscribe Graveland newsletter. When I have new information e.g. about new Graveland recordings, t-shirts etc. newsletter will be sent to you.

I remind you that you can write me if you want to buy Graveland albums. If you are looking for something you cannot find, please contact me. Maybe I will be able to help you.

Be Proud and live in Honour! Raise Your Swords! Heathen Regards!


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