Sunday, March 31, 2019

FRANKENFORT & NVREMBERGA - A 2019 Cultural Pilgrimage

Folowing our autumn trip in Berlin & Westphalia. Stars alligned that the days of early Spring will be the proper time to return again to Germany.

This time to visit two famous southern German cities. Frankfurt & Nuremberg.  Both known for things that at times are totally opposite to each other. From the Medieval times up to 20th Century era.The clash was inevitable. You know, the Rothschilds, the stock market and trader's rule vs The Iron Teutonic spirit.


I had the chance to visit again this modern metropolis 15+ years ago. Back then I had not saw much, if nothing at all. Only the railway station and then some suburbs. Upon our arrival in the impressive architecture-wise railway station, it took only a few min to understand why several Germans in the past referred to this city as "The America of Germany". Indeed the center of Frankfurt, looks more than a classic modern american town than a German city. Not to mention the "people" that were walking around which are anything you can imagine but Germans.
Anyway, to keep it short. There are for sure several relics of the past to see.
Some of them, the really well-preserved house of Goethe, the old city center that it was "liberated" (democratic word for "destroyed") during the 2WW but it was rebuilt exactly as it used to be. The cathedrals near the city river, the old opera house. Also, the boat trip that I had really ignored in the past now becoming a really favorite thing of mine as they give you another perspective of the city.  Also you can compare how things were and how do they look now. Skyscrappers were also intresting to see. 

Some photos are following:


A return to the medieval heart of Frankonia.  The most German of all German leaders, named Nuremberg in the 30s the "most German of all German cities" and if you take walk on it, whithin few minutes you`ll realize that even today, 70 plus years after, this is not far from the truth. 
Again, an arrival to an even more impressive train station than Frankfurt to meet our guide for a 4-hour tour that took us from early Medieval up to WW2 times. Visiting monuments and listeninings stories from these eras in a grey rainy day was giving a certain magic and aura of the city. As it was expected, some of the later stories flavored with a bit of politically-correct touch. Still, the tour in general gives you a deeper sight as it contains details that either you can`t remember in their full depth or not knowning at all. That was on the first day. The days after, we had the chance to visit more museums, places etc 
Ofcourse on the top of it, stand the world famous Zeppelinfeld or the Reichparteitagelande (Nazi party rally grounds).  A really vast area that most non-German people these days know from Rifenstal's Triumph of The Will. Personally, its my 2nd visit there , but this time had the chance to visit it twice and also enter inside the unfinished Colloseum that was destined to be for the NSDAP congress. Nowadays a museum with the usual propaganda but with some very intresting original items from this era.

Other places that worth a visit :  The Albrecht Durer house, the toy museum, the Imperial castle of Nuremberg, The city museum Fembo-Haus and ofcourse exausting but culturally very rewarding walks all around the old city center. 
Some photos are following:

Coming Next : Besieging Mediolanum

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Faces of Rome

Cesares de Roma - A really intresting poject by the Spanish artist Salva Ruano.
Even if we have already saw many busts, statues etc of Roman emperors, with some of them to be really well-preserved, its intresting to see them again but this time as they look for real.
See below the making-of two well known legendary figures. The first Roman emperor Octavian August and Nero Claudius who has been slandered so much by the bolsheviks (christians and jews) of its time.

The hyperrealist sculpture at the service of classical Roman history 

When art and history come together

Césares de Roma was born from the need to spread Roman classic history from a more human, real and modern perception.

It is hyperrealist sculpture, the thread that manages to show with realism a vision of the era that until now we could only imagine, almost like a gap in time. Recreating the faces of Roman rulers and emperors who died more than two thousand years ago is not something that should be left to chance. For this reason and with the aim of bringing them back to our time, the exhaustive study of numismatics, sculptures, reliefs and classical literary sources that have reached our days, making it possible for us to approach the real aspect as closely as possible, plays a fundamental role. They could have those owners of the Mediterranean.

Future ambitions

Césares de Roma aims to be a didactic reference in terms of new ways of spreading classical culture based on emotional learning. Julio César will be the starting character of this unique exhibition in the world, which will transport the visitor to classical Rome showing from the final stages of the Roman Republic to the decline of the Julio-Claudia dynasty.

All this accompanied by the hyperrealist sculptures of its main protragonists, the emperors Augustus, Caligula or Nero, among others, together with a special part destined for the Spanish emperor Trajan.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

A Meeting of Giants

Sir Christopher Lee remembers how he met Tolkien in an English Pub.

 Lee had a long history with Tolkien's fiction; he read The Hobbit after leaving the Royal Air Force in 1945, and since The Fellowship of the Ring came out, he read all Tolkien's books once a year. Lee also had the experience of actually meeting Tolkien in person (making him the only individual involved in the film trilogies to do so) while visiting The Eagle and Child during the 1950s:

"We were sitting there talking and drinking beer, and someone said, "Oh, look who walked in." It was Professor Tolkien, and I nearly fell off my chair. I didn't even know he was alive. He was a benign looking man, smoking a pipe, walking in, an English countryman with earth under his feet. And he was a genius, a man of incredible intellectual knowledge. He knew somebody in our group. He (the man in the group) said "Oh Professor, Professor..." And he came over. And each one of us, well I knelt of course, each one of us said "how do you do?" And I just said "Ho.. How.. How..."


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Lords of Lies - Film for Fools

As of now, almost everybody know what the film "lords of chaos" is about. Lies, rumors and a false image of something that they will never understood why its a CULT and not another regular sub-genre. Sometimes, it looks that the film has been made exclusively for the reason to slander only one guy, Varg Vikernes. You can guess the reason why.
Without a doubt,  thats a film maded by outsiders and for outsiders and newcomers only.

So here are the videos from the man himself, so to know the "other-side" and first hand informations. I dont agree in everything he says there, but still its the person who played an important role in the things that happened back then. So his side is the most reliable source.