Friday, March 30, 2012

The Primordial Majesty of The Mountains

"In the oldest Hellenic traditions we find that the heroes'achievement of immortality was often portrayed through the symbolism of their ascending or disappearing into the mountains. Thus, we find again the mystery of the heights, since in this disappearing we must see the material symbol of spiritual transfiguration. The terms, "to disappear", and "to become invsible" , and "to be taken up into the peaks", should not be taken literally, but essentialy mean to be virtually introduced to the world beyond, in which there is no death, and removed from the visible world of physical bodies. which is that of common human expirience."

Julius Evola "Meditation On The Peaks"

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hellenic Revolution of 1821 Through The Eyes of Peter Von Hess

25th of March. One of the most important dates in the Hellenic history. Its this day that our grandfathers took the arms against the Turks and their allies (Jews , albanians e.t.c.). For this important date you can read an article HERE

For this year, we will see how saw this revolution (During and before) the German Painter
Peter Von Hess(1792 - 1871).
You can read his biography HERE
Some of his most important works about the Hellenic Wars and its Heroes from the era follows below.

Nikitaras "The Turk-Eater" ambushes turkish cavalry in the battle of Dervenakia

Alexander Ypsilantis crossing River Pruth into the Danubian Principalities

Ieros Lohos (Sacred band) fighting in the battle of Dragatsani

Painting of Laskarina Bouboulina, heroine of the Greek War of Independence

Antonis Oikonomou, hero of the Greek War of Independence, who started the revolution in the island of Ydra

Thursday, March 22, 2012

PAGAN SKULL "In The Hands Of The Fatherland" CD

EUROPA ERWACHE PRODUCTIONS is a new European label. Its first release is the debut album of PAGAN SKULL. Limited to 500 copies. In the next two weeks TOTENKOPF PROPAGANDA PROD. will have copies of this album for distribution.
The flyer and a sample from album follows below.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Faith In The Struggle

In these days of uncertainty, and political control of western mind by the Zionist media, what have the European - and, closer to home, the British - people got to give them a glimmer of the hope for the future? As you look around and see the hold that the three party dictatorships has got on Britain, you could be forgiven for sitting back and letting this tide of depression and no-hope flow over you. "Three party dictatorship?" you may ask. It has become a three party dictatorship since the men who control the purse-strings decided that the 'Gang of four' and their Liberal allies were just chips off the same old corrupt block as the already controlled Tory and Labour parties.

Any Political party that constitutes a threat whatsoever to this monstrous set up will be viciously slandered by the puppet media, as well as being limited politically by hypocritical means (Race relations acts etc.) and finally criminalized, to attempt to draw public support away from the particular party's cause.

In a normal society the public would question why it was that their own people were being oppressed and jailed for wanting to put their own country and culture first. They would also want to know why other races and cultures were constantly promoted and feted, while their own infinitely superior history, and way of life, were severely neglected and, indeed, belittled. But this, as we know, is no ordinary society. The corridors of power, of this once great nation, have been hijacked by creatures of the worst kind. In some circumstances some of these creatures are actually British people. These traitors, even more than the aliens who control their every move, must be dealt with more severely than anybody else, when the final reckoning finally comes. These people have sold out their race and nation for personal gain.

We, as Nationalists, must overcome the most massive obstacles ever put before a political movement, before we can hope to grasp the reigns of political power. The first and most important thing we must posses is faith. Faith in the greatness of our race. Faith in the ideology of our movement, and finally faith in the inevitability of our final victory. This faith will sustain us through dark periods of oppression, captivity and even death. Faith is not something that dies with the individual, but an everlasting flame which will not be extinguished until the end of time. It is this, and this alone, which our enemies cannot destroy.

We will face increasing media slander, which we will not be allowed to reply to. We will face increased harassment by the politically-controlled police force, which, against maybe their own consciences, will nevertheless obey orders, and set us up for prison sentences that are totally unfounded. We must expect this, and be mentally and physically prepared to forms of opposition will we have the strength to survive, and carry on our struggle throughout our lives. If we here in Britain are to win through to our goal, our key members, and indeed as many as possible of our total membership, must be spiritually and politically committed to our belief in race and history.

We must continue to create, and cement ties with out kindred organizations in Europe, to make sure that none of the great achievements of European culture and history are forgotten or neglected. Only by greater European co-operation can we eventually hope to offer a viable alternative to the fear-ridden Bolshevik empire, or the vulgar, drug-sodden, multiracial mess that American capitalism has become.

In the new Europe which will be created, peace would reign because of the mutual respect, for the peoples and cultures, of this once great are of world concern. No more would alien criminality, and imported vice, be rife in our cities, where a return to the old community spirit would be achieved by decent housing for all, and end to the monstrous 'tower block' existence. No longer would our rural villages and farm lands be neglected and run-down. A spirit of self-sufficiency, and pride in working on British soil for the good of Britain and the British people, could prevail. Due to a policy of armed neutrality, Europe would no longer be in an arena for U.S and Soviet war games, and their disgusting ideologies could be kept far from Europe's shores.

To achieve all of this we, and our European comrades, must above all have faith. Our enemies are strong, and presently we are relatively weak in numbers, but unbeatable in spirit. We must realize that we, and our enemies, are engaged in a struggle for the survival of the European races. If we fail we will be destroyed along with European civilization; and we must accept in our hearts, that if victory is eventually ours we must deal with our enemies in the most ruthless fashion. If we do not destroy their cancer at the root we will have to face up to its reincarnation at a later stage.

We must have faith in this, our battle to the death.

Ian Stuart Donaldson 1986

Sunday, March 11, 2012

DER STÜRMER Available & Upcoming Merchandise

DER STÜRMER Available and Upcoming Merchandise

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Aurora Borealis & Midnight Sun

Breath-taking photography of (Amongst others) Aurora Borealis and Midnight Sun by Bjorn Jorgensen. Official website :

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Greece? Wake-up Call For Germany!

Here is an article written by a Austrian comrade and its about the days he spend in Athens during his first visit for the Golden Dawn`s IMIA march at the 28th of January 2012. The article contains his very intresting views on Athens (Actually his hotel was in one of the most dirtiest and most criminal parts of the center.) and also how he saw Golden Dawn and the march. Its the expiriences of an outsider and a first time visitor in Hellas. This make the article much more intresting.

The article first published in German

Greece? Wake-up Call For Germany!

Already when looking at the Athenian travel guide my anticipation rises, while I'm cleaving my way through the branched streets and alleys together with the other members of our German tourist party. The in the brochure imprinted pictures of great cultural treasures and the for that purpose added information make me full of expectations for the next few days of my stay in Greece. Regardless of the increased reports that even show in the German media an economically heavily stricken Greece that is also populated by an angry people I won't let it cloud my thoughts an am convinced that it won't be that bad yet.

The expected cultural magic while wandering through the streets of Athens at night works more than disillusioning on me after a few meters. My eyes are confronted with a bizarre play carried by nightmarish sceneries and characterized by human abysses. The travel guide claims a homelessness that shows a tendency of around zero percent and calls Athens one of the safest cities with a comparatively low crime rate. Though the streets are full of homeless in wheelchairs, crippled existences, whose unclothed bare feet seem to downright rot off. Some car stands demolished and broken up at the roadside, the walls of the houses are sprayed with slogans that are directed towards the government, former shops closed and collapsed. On a street corner I become a witness of a brutal brawl among a few gypsies.

Countless lurking views of shady creatures that, believing the official credo, enrich Greece culturally, economically and ethnically examine me curiously, not even lowering their gazes when I return their staring with a determinedly looking face, to signalize that I won't be the next one in line of their victims. The immediately by myself noticed police car, that has been following our group inconspicuously, now drives along the road next to us. Due to the obvious realization that we were seemingly non-Greeks the cop gives us the advice to be careful in this area. He doesn't leave the car itself and after his unsettling advice he quickly speeds up and drives on. My perceptions on the way through the Greek capitol become more grotesque and drastic. Prostitutes that are barely older than 14 years line the streets, on the precincts kneeling weary, miserable beings that jab the syringes into their arms and legs, taking the drugs right from the dirty asphalt. In contrast to what I've seen so far the content of the travel guide seems to me like a bad joke and after re-reading multiple times I ask myself If no one has ever noticed all these things, If they just decided to ignore these things?

The answer to my question is simple and significant: The book is from the year 2001. Can it really be that democrats almost guide a whole country within ten years completely into the abyss? In the light of this horror that spread like a baleful shadow across the whole city and with all the derelict buildings that shape the view of this city in a shattering and way, the aforementioned question can only be answered with a sad but clear yes.

The historic buildings and monuments now seem to me, despite their beauty, like a monumental copy of a country whose culture and broad public got ruinous and shows several cracks. I've seen enough for now and I retire, retire back into the safety of the hotel where even there prostitues go in and out as well.

After spending the last few hours between restlessness and thought-storms that even won't fade away after a sightseeing of this 4 million people city I walk towards the meeting point of the annual Imia March, the actual reason for my trip to Greece. Once started 1996 as an answer of a territorial conflict between Greece and Turkey to commemorate three officers of the Hellenic army, who died during the conflict, it is now the biggest gathering of nationalist forces in whole Greece.

Here you become the witness of a different image; the image of a strong and upright people, the image of a companionship of battle. An image that no travel guide and new German newspaper informs you of. The place of the meeting point fills slowly with the thousands whose future seems just as uncertain as the future of the German people. Though here on the place I don't feel any resignation, no faint-heartedness and no careful looking around. A sea of flags as far as one can look. Torches burn in uncounted hands driving away the darkness of the night with the power of a light of resurrection. From tens of thousands of mouths the concentrated protest of a people's rage sounds that the democrats hear clearly and just fear as much. Determined, the gigantic marching group starts moving. Past the windowless banks, past the democrat-temples that are damaged by molotov cocktails and paint bombs, spreading a message where you don't need to speak the Greek language to understand it. The residents of the surrounding houses examine us with curious looks from behind their windows, waving to us, join the loud protests and sing the songs of this nationalist show of force with a strong voice.

I feel the fiery thoughts of a revolutionary will in the air. They float across the resistance that doesn't want to accept the dishonor of democrats any longer. They are being carried by the still quiet majority that starts rising slowly against what turned Greece into a heap of ruins. In this night the wake and awakening part of the Greeks bans the shadows of downfall back into the darkness: The commitment to people and homeland to culture and tradition burns in the heart of this country, in an impressive way as the one and only alternative to stop the downfall.

And still: The horrible scenarios of the one, the dark and lost Greece make me thoughtful. What will Germany and the rest of Europe have to face? Even in our country democrats work on turning the nation into an economic and ethnic ruin while they eat themselves round and fat at the feeders of the system, talking about economic rise like a self fulfilling prophecy, fixing it to stock market numbers - just as if the new high export figures of the German car industry towards Far East were an indication for a nation's prosperity!

Back on the plane I read in a newspaper of the preparations for carnival 2012. Of the energy that countless Germans put into a preferably original costume with elaborate bricolage. Other than that the newspaper is full with articles that scare and should wake anger and resistance and I'm definitely not the only reader. But around me I look into careless faces. It seems as If the Germans first have to make the same development as the Greece before they wake from their decadent fairy-sleep to realize the dangers the democrats caused them.