Thursday, January 29, 2015

29th of January

                    29th of January 1943

"I am deeply distressed by the agony of the men at Stalingrad, the agony of
Europe. And in order to be able to endure this tragedy, I take refuge in myself,
in the book I’m writing, and in my long-standing thoughts concerning the end
of our continent. I have banished the war from this notebook, in order to keep
from becoming neurasthenic. I can no longer work without taking vitamins and
Neurasthenin, and I can’t sleep without Pasiflorina and Adolina.
And from out of this hell, I hear Aeschylus turning over in his grave. He
who sang the heroic resistance of the Greeks against Asia witnesses now the
surrender of Europe to the Asiatic hordes. Churchill and Roosevelt have met
again at Casablanca. And none of their men sees how Stalin is playing with
them, how they are the victims of the most tragic farce in the history of the
world: the Red assassins—who, in comparison with other political assassins,
have the merit of operating on a large scale, in the millions—the Red assassins
are awaited as the liberators of Europe . . . "

MIRCEA ELIADE -The Portugal Journal

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Third Force

The elections in Hellas is now over. Golden Dawn`s percentange is 6.3 %. With its leader and the leading members in jail , giving speeches through one jail-phone. With the 99% of the Media (Newspapers, radio & tv stations), the unification of ALL (From far left to far right) parties against the Hellenic Nationalist movement, with various attacks (mostly to old-age supporters living in distant suburbs) by marxists/anarchist and other parastate gangs (Sometimes escorted OPENLY by police). This WAR AGAINST ALL placed Golden Dawn officially as THE THIRD FORCE of the Hellenic political spectrum. It was nothing but a victory against all those who think that in the dark days that we have the misfortune to live, money, "connections", public relations (thats the modern word for asslicking) with state officials and local plutocracy e.t.c. will make a Political Party having a "succesful career" in politics. Golden Dawn proved wrong everyone who underestimated the power of Iron will, hard work and dedication from people who believe in ideals and not in material success. The fight will never be over as long there is such kind of people, willing to sacrifice everything for the glory of the Nationalist ideas. And this is exactly what the establishment fears. That except the inside of Hellas, the struggle of Golden Dawn will be an example for other Europeans too. The future of our Nations and our great European fatherland lies in our hands! 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

No Death for Edgar Froese

“There is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address.”

According to TANGERINE DREAM`s official website, Edgar Froese the mastermind behind the most legendary electronic band, passed away at 20th of January 2015. However, his musical legacy is truly vast. 

Accompanied on driving or in late night hours, some of his albums that had huge impact and influence on me from the Tangerine`s Dream never-ending discography are :

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Benefits of Multiracialism

France said "No Fascism No Rascism"

The last weeks in Paris: Two north african islamists opened fire inside a satyrical newspaper and killed twelve communists. Afterwards outside the offices of the newpaper they killed an algerian muslim cop. At the same time another african muslim executed four persons inside a jewish supermarket.  Inside the kosher market, an african employee from mali saved some jews by hiding them inside the fridge. In the meantime the algerian wife of this west-african muslim fled to turkey and from there to syria. Also, in another suburb of Paris, a female municipal police officer of caribbean origin shot dead.

The benefits of  multiracialism. Whats more anti-racist and anti-fascist than that?

 For how long we, the indigenous TRUE Europeans will let our countries experience such "benefits"?

The way is onle one! Instead of becoming "juifs" let us be 

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Saturday, January 10, 2015



I refuse to stand side by side with those who brought millions of immigrants from asia and africa


I refuse to support the haters of everything truly French and European. Now you harvest what you saw


The France i like is not the France of Voltaire and the so-called "age of enlightenment" but the France of Robert Brasillach, L.F. Celine and Charles Maurras


My spirit is not that of May '68 but that of Fefruary of '34


I hate the hypocritical cries of journalists. Its exactly the same journalists that fanatically supported all non-European subhumans everytime that someone of them arrested for their usual activities (drug-dealing, raping, prostitution e.t.c.) and which most of the times was against the indigenous population.


I want Europe for Europeans and not to turn our fatherlands into a sewer of every sub-race from 
the shitholes of this world. There can never be assimilation between different races. Nature can`t change because a gang of cultural marxists and their jewish financers want it.


For the above and thousands more of reasons i refuse to take part in your demonstrations organized by the media, the democrats and their zionist patrons in order to manipulate the Nations in safer paths for them.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Cult of Artemis

From all over the region of Attica , the one i visited the less compared to others is the south-eastern one. Second day of the year (Which means not too many people outisde) and the proper grey weather made the perect time for a pilgrimage in one of the most important Cult places of the Ancient Hellas. The Sanctuary of Artemis at Brauron.

As you see in the link i provided above, the history of the place is very rich and indeed really long, even from pre-historic times. This time our visit was the main sanctuary and also in the excellent museum that opened recently there.  As it seems, this is the first of a big number of times that i`ll visit that area. The second will be very soon...

The pictures that follow are from the main sanctuary of Artemis and the museum. 
All photos by Hjarulv.

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