Monday, September 28, 2015

Greek Elections and the International Media Worries

The Greek elections are over more than one week ago. Golden Dawn is again the third party despite the polemics of the local establishment (media, other parties etc). Instead of writting again and again the same things like my previous posts, its intresting to see how the enemies of europe (the media that controlled by them) covered the elections and the Golden Dawn`s final position. 

In their own words:







and more...

Conclusion: They worry? We are on the good way!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mesogaia Part V

Part V: The Third Tower

During the past visits in the old lands of Mesogaia, in the place between Thoriko and the Two Towers (check the previous posts), we noticed another tower. Fron distance we were not sure if its a tower or maybe the ruins of the old building or something. So during a hot by windy afternoon of late August, we turned left in the main road and took another small rough road up to the hill. It was indeed the remains of a tower. Definitely smaller and in not so good shape as the previous two. Almost completely in ruins. However if you spend some time in its shadow it makes the visit worth. Photos (Taken by Hjarulv) by this good moments are posted below.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Europeans, Remember The Battle of Vienna!

the 11th and 12th of September marked another anniversary (No where to be mentioned in media ofcourse! You see for the world rulers this will give a "bad example") of The Battle of Vienna. Where the European forces led by Polish king John III Sobiesky and his winged hussars gave a proper lesson to the invading muslim forces. Back then things were more simple. The Europeans taking arms to defend their homelands. Nowadays the invaders arrive organized in another type of army named "refugees" and "asylum seekers". And the worse? The enemies of europe who now have the control of the goverments, welcome them and even invite thousands more. But this is the subject of another thread.

Naturally, such a great event as The Battle of Vienna was an inspiration for the many artists and painters. Here are a few of them. This post is a small commemoration to the battle that saved Europe for one more time. This must be a reminder for all modern Europeans who forgot the history of their lands.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Choose Your Side: With Classicism or with Modernity?

One more face of the clash between the ways of Tradition and the poisons of modernity. 

Hellas 2014 - The excavation of Amphipolis Tomb

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Return of a Dark Age

In the first half of 90`s there was an explosion of bands that defined themselves as Dark Ambient. Many musicians involved in the Black Metal scene started their own side-projects. Creating music played in synth, spoken passages, screams, whispers combined oftenly with themes taken from the history and myths of Ancient & Medieval Europe.

Back then, the Swedish cult label COLD MEAT INDUSTRY (with its sub-labels Cruel Moon International, Death Factory etc) was the most known representative label in this genre. In USA a far smaller but equally good label has risen, releasing obscure tapes in limited numbers. It was DARK AGE PRODUCTIONS. Unfortunately Cold Meat Industry is now defunct. Left a void thats hard to fill. But after a long period of inactivity Dark Age Productions is back. 

Here is their official statement:

The Return... of Dark Age Productions!
Dark Age Productions originally existed between 1993 and 1997. Being the premiere US label for dark experimental acts rising from the black metal scene who were performing dark ambient, atmospheric, medieval, ritualistic and folkish music. A precursor to what is called today “dungeon synth”.
In 2015 Bard Algol began working on new material for Cernunnos Woods and the idea to resurrect Dark Age Productions developed as a natural place to release it. Along with the Cernunnos Woods material, Dark Age Productions aims to begin producing high quality new releases of dark atmospheric music with the full distribution power of Metal Hell Records.
New releases from Dark Age Productions will be made available digitally as well as on physical format with a strong emphasis on art and design.

Personally i fanatically support the listening of music in physical formats only.  Youtube and other sites are good if they serving only the purpose of checking stuff (With the amount of trash that released today such sites can be really helpful if are properly used). So for those intrested here are some older, sold-out releases of Dark Age productions. 

Cernunnos Woods "Tears of The Weeping Willow" 

Proscriptor "The Venus Belona"

Equitant "The Great Lands of Minas Ithil"