Thursday, February 25, 2016

Family and The Land - The Case of Paulina Forslund

Whats the model of white woman that promoted today? To put in short, its the "sex and the city" type of woman. A big number of White females today are turned into miserable creatures who think that they are "free" and "independent" only because of changing sex partners every night, getting as much drunk and "high" as possible, spending entire days on shopping malls or teaming up with asian and africans apes just because they want to follow their music or fashion idols. 
Sad but true. 

On the other side there are females like Paulina Forslund. A Swedish woman, mother with a family and National Socialist activist married with a man with equal idelas and way of living.  Thats "fatal errors" for the preachers of cosmopolitanism which have the upper hand in the ruling of the European nations todays. Despite the 24h propaganda for the opposite, Paulina Forslund is giving the "bad example". She choose the hard way of dignity and pride, the "Family and The Land" instead of crawling in the mud of "sex and the city" and other similar degenerate ways. 
The video that follows will give you more details. Support this woman by your donation or at least spread this around to more people. Keep in mind that by doing nothing, its like leaving our women alone to the claws of the enemies of Europe.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

An Anglo-Hellenic Wandering

During the last days of January, a group of our long-time comrades from WODEN`S FOLK arrived in Athens for a long weekend visit.
So, we grabbed the chance for a return to some of the already known to us monuments of South-eastern part of Peloponnese. 
The travel of the day started in Ancient Corinth and the castle of its acropolis, then the Ancient Theatre of Epidauros and in the end, rest at Nafplio. The historic first capital of Hellas.
Photos (By Henker) are following.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Latest News From The Underground Front

The following releases deserve your attention and support!

From the depths of German Black Metal underground... Breath of Pestilence is proud to offer this double CD release that includes the original recording of "Deutsche Sturmtruppen" from 2000 and a re-recorded version from 2012. Raw and uncompromising Black Metal WAR. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Copies also available through FROST & FIRE

A live EP Recorded during the first of two shows that were part of the "Carelian Pagan Madness"mini tour. Limited to 1000 copies. No re-press, no re-release on CD.

Released by Darker Than Black Rex/Nebelfee/Robber Baron Enterprises
Copies also available though FROST & FIRE

Atmospheric Black Metal from Canada inspired by the Ancient Celtic Culture and Traditions. Second demo from this one-man band feautring five archetypal invocations of Ancient Celtic mysticism. The Torches of the Badb burn bright, illuminating Darkened paths and long forgotten traditions nearly lost to modernity.

Copies also available through FROST & FIRE

CD version of the long sold-out EPs. Fully remastered. Cult NS Black Esoterik Metal from Australia!

Copies also available through FROST & FIRE

First issue of new black metal fanzine Gae Bolga now available. Featuring interviews with Autarcie, Pagan Hellfire, Nest, Dumno, & Caverne, as well as two articles: "Is Optimism Cowardice? Spengler Contra Venner" & "From the Womb of Darkness: The Celtic Festival of Samhain". As can probably be guessed, the zine approaches things from a more "traditionalist" or "identitarian" point of view. Limited quantities available. 

Copies available through FROST & FIRE

Third album by this killer Italian Band. A must for all those who seek beauty in True Black Metal with Fascist aesthetics!

Copies available through FROST & FIRE

This 92 page book is a collection of texts from Thulean Perspective about European polytheism and mythology, and related topics, written by Varg Vikernes, author of "Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia" as well as "MYFAROG".
Available from AMAZON


***DARK FURY "This Story Happened Before" CD New Album Out Now! Released by Lower Silesian Stronghold
***GOATMOON new full-length album titled "Stella Polaris"
***WEHRHAMMER "Das Ende naht" CD on Breath of Pestilence
***BILSKIRNIR "Hammerschlag" 3LP (1996-2002) on Purity Through Fire
***INTOLITARIAN Double album on Hells Headbangers

....and more!