Sunday, February 24, 2008

DER STÜRMER News/Upcoming Releases & Merch for 2008 a.y.p.s.

Bloodsworn Forever , Loyalty unto Death!

2008 marks the 10th Year of Der Sturmer`s existence. Thus, a compilation CD/LP album titled "Bloodsworn"(The First Decade) including all the tracks from the Split 7"EPs, "Iron Will and Discpline" 7"EP and all the rare tracks from all the compilations that Der Sturmer participated through the years. The Compilaton will come with huge booklet including all the covers and lyrics. Labels that will take care of this anniversary album will be Totenkopf Propaganda Productions and Deathsquad Rex

NEBELKLANG from Germany will release later this year the Pic.LP version of the DER STÜRMER/TOTENBURG split album as well an unlimited number of new Der Sturmer ZIP

The Finnish label BREATH OF PESTILENCE will make in the next months the Official Tape versions of Der Sturmer/Totenburg Split, Capricornus/Der Sturmer Split and "A Banner Great Than Death" album.

Official Website :

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ghost-like white stag spotted in Scottish Highlands!

Found this very intresting news on another forum and i think its good to share it here. There is 2 kind of people. Those who believe in the European Traditions and supertitions of Old and those who think that its just a coincidence. I definately belong to the first category.

"LONDON (Reuters) - A mythical and ghostly creature has appeared in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands -- and has been caught on camera. The rare white stag, from the red deer species, is believed to be among just a tiny handful living in Britain, according to a conservation group.The John Muir Trust is now keeping the stag's location secret for fear of poachers.

"To see him amongst the other stags was truly thrilling because he does look like a ghost: you do a double-take," Trust Partnership Manager Fran Lockhart, who filmed the stag, told Reuters.White stags are seen as a magical and powerful force in many mythologies.The animal's ghostly glow comes from a recessive gene which causes leucism, a condition which reduces the normal brown coloring in hair and skin. They are not albinos, which have red eyes due to lack of pigment.In Celtic traditions, white stags represent messengers from the afterlife. Arthurian legend has it that the creature can never be caught -- King Arthur's pursuit of the animal represents mankind's spiritual quest.It is also said that for those who set eyes on the animal, a momentous moment is near."They say their appearance is meant to herald some profound change in life for those who encounter them -- but I am still waiting," said Lockhart.Her dog, though, stood transfixed for 45 minutes watching the white stag, instead of his usual scampering around.Lockhart believes the Scottish Highlands' white stag is between 6 and 7 years old. She said he is maturing well, with a good set of antlers.The last official recording of a white red stag in Britain, not to be confused with the more common white fallow deer, was last October when the body of one was found decapitated on the moors between Devon and Cornwall."

What White Stag symbolizes:

The white stag is a familiar creature of myth and legend. Its origins are likely in the totemic period of early Indo-European society, particularly the northern societies of the Celts and pre-Indo-European cultures, whose subsistence was gained not only through agriculture, but through hunting.This dependence on deer may be seen in the zoomorphic Celtic god Cernunnos, depicted as being a man with the antlers of a deer. The white stag in Celtic myth is an indicator that the Otherworld is near. It appears when one is transgressing a taboo--such as when Pwyll tresspassed into Arawn's hunting grounds, or when Peredur entered the Castle of Wonders in his second adventure at the house of the Lame King. It also appears as an impetus to quest--the white stag or hart often appears in the forests around King Arthur's court, sending the knights off on to adventure against gods and fairies.The white stag is not only a creature of the gods, but is a god himself, symbolizing the creative life force of the universe--sex, life, and also death.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Radio Bandiera Nera Hellas

Finally, Radio Bandiera Nera Hellas is on "Air". With the help of the Italian comrades, now the
Hellenic movement have its own radio show every Sunday from 22:00 to 24:00. The first show was in 10th of February and had amongst others(Nice selection of music guys!), an interview with the leader of Golden Dawn.
From my side i would like to wish all the best comrades and Good Luck for the future!

website :

Sunday, February 10, 2008

FYRDUNG "Hyperborea" CD

Its always a pleasant suprize to get an album and from a band which is already good but in the end to hear something totally different from what you already knew. Same happened to me with the Swedish band FYRDUNG. Last week i got from a comrade ( Thank you Niklas!) the latest album of this Swedish guys, named "Hyperborea". Anybody who is involved in the Racialist scene is more or less aware of FYRDUNG. I have heard some of their early material that i liked a lot but because Fyrdung sing in Swedish language i always had the opinion that this stuff appeal more to people who speak or understand Swedish. Fyrdung is melodic R.A.C. with some Folk touches, which at times reminded me of another Swedish band named ULTIMA THULE.

Ok , forget all this now! FYRDUNG made a totally different album. Their new stuff is Melodic Black Metal in the good old Swedish vein, with the biggest influence to be the Classic Dissection`s album "The Somberlain". The lyrics still remains in the same vein ofcourse. I`m very glad to see that like-minded people who come from another scene to be able to play such inspiring music that i grew up with. This album is A MUST for people into the above mentioned musical style.

"Hyperborea" released by NORDISKA FORLAGET:

N.F. have available many other Fyrdung titles and also some merchandise plus a huge selection of Books, posters e.t.c.

Official FYRDUNG Website :

Both the band and the label deserve your 100% support!