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Barbarian Rhymes - The Untitled Poetry of Robert E Howard

Some untitled poems by the master of dark heroic fantasy 
Robert E Howard

(from left to right: R.E.Howard - Truett Vinson - Tevis Clyde Smith)

"A hundred years the great war raged..."
(From a letter to Tevis Clyde Smith, August 4, 1923)

 A hundred years the great war raged.
White against yellow and brown.
And the West like a furious tiger uncaged,
Fell, but dragged the Orient down.

 "I am the Spirit of War!..."
 (From a letter to Tevis Clyde Smith, January 30, 1925)

 I am the Spirit of War!
My hands are red with gore.
They know my heel
Where the clash of steel
Matches the cannon's roar!
My hands are gory red
Ranks crumple beneath my stride
O'er vanquished heaps I tread,
On the wings of the wind I ride.

 "The east is red and I am dead..."
( From a letter to Tevis Clyde Smith, ca. January 1928)

 The east is red and I am dead, stark on a silent host
The day breaks and the kite wakes and laughter thrills my ghost.

 "Early in the morning I gazed at the eastern skies..."
( From a letter to Tevis Clyde Smith, June 23, 1926)

Early in the morning I gazed at the eastern skies
Reddening to rose from their first gray of steel.
Glowering in the sun-rise,’mid the golden sun-rise
Dark against the sun-rise loomed the grim Bastille.

"Moonlight and shadows barred the land..."
(there is no date for this poem)

"Moonlight and shadows barred the land;
Night breathed like some great living thing.
The Seeker rested chin in hand
And heard the night wind's whispering.
He heard like songs of vanished men
The waving branches answer then.
"Lords of the seas of silence, old as the word of God,
We are the ancient people, haters of chain and rod.""

"Scarlet and gold are the stars tonight..."
(From a letter to Tevis Clyde Smith, November 1928)

 Scarlet and gold are the stars tonight,
   The river runs silver below the bridge—
But the hour shall come when the dawn grows white
   Over the eastern ridge.

Your face is a dim white flower of night,
   In your arms unheeded the hours fall—
But the dawn makes hearts grow strange and light,
   And the far lands call.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Follow The Trail of The Fox

The following paragraph is taken from David Irving's "Rommel - The Desert Fox"
From all the books i`ve read of him so far, I found this description the most picturesque. It shows perfectly on what a historian has to go through, search and discover in order to write a biography in a proper way. Also,  It portrays perfectly the life of a natural-born warlord with impressing achievements and a very controversial end. 

 "To get beyond the myth-marshal of historiography and discover the true Rommel, one must search in sources such as these. The Trail of the Fox leads from vaults in West Germany to government  files in Washington, from a military museum in South Carolina to presidential libraries in Kansas and Missouri, from the drawing rooms of Rommel’s surviving comrades to the musty attics with their tantalizing boxes and files of papers as yet unopened by the widows and families of the comrades who died.
 These  records  conduct  us  through  the  hills  of  Rommel’s  native Swabia, up  Alpine gorges, across the sand-swept  tableland of Cyrenaica, to the tangled bocage of Normandy. Sometimes the trail grows faint, or vanishes. There are gaps in the evidence that none of the documents, memoirs or interviews can
fill. Those aspects of Rommel must remain a mystery. But the trail leads eventually to a fuller understanding of this extraordinary man
, and to the final mystery: why he chose to die as he did."



Monday, February 6, 2017

The Cold Death of a Scandinavian Industry

Few years ago, at the February 4th of 2014, Roger Karmanik the founder of Swedish label COLD MEAT INDUSTRY announced its label end:
 "Hey all! Cold Meat Industry is Dead! I thought you ought to officially announce this..., and I should have told you long before.... But briefly: it has been hard to admit it... and to let it go! I am confident of my decision. I had a lots of fun during the years of creating CMI and I've learned it made a massive impact on the music scene. Being in the middle of this creative storm I got personally drained, it emptied my body of strength, and happiness. It caused me deep depression, alcoholism, and misery. I, who thought I was invincible... It was hard to admit to me, and also to all people around me. Now, I am finding the way back to my innerself, and exploring life again - and music! I am proud of what I have done, but will not rest with that! Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the Familygrave is sealed!" 

 Despite the fact that founded in 1987, the label became more known in Metal circles towards the mi-90s. Around that time also, their releases found their way to some record stores in Athens. Back then, to young guys like me who were mostly into Metal genres, the releases of Cold Meat Industry had a massive impact. Besides the musicians who had been on Metal bands previously, it was mostly new bands run by completely unknown persons, strange titles and abstract covers, that opened the gates to others worlds and mysterious places. The distant sounds of loneliness, melancholy and Scandinavian coldness.

For many years Cold Meat and its sub-labels (Cruel Moon International etc) produced an impressive ammount of releases. Despite the fact that in post-2000 era, I rarely visited their page and followed their news, Cold Meat was the kind of label that it was good to know that its still there and making releases. To had the feeling that any time you can return there and explore new dark music.

 As a label Cold Meat was in a release frenzy, with many titles within short periods. Perhaps now its the proper time to re-visit their back catalogue and finally complete my want-list. However, this time will be over soon and the gap thats left behind is hard to be filled by any other label of the same genre.
Here is whats officially left of COLD MEAT in internet:
Official Website:
On Wikipedia: Cold Meat Industry

Lets remember some of their (according to my personal taste) greatest releases:

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Lost Interview of Julius Evola

 "Lost and unpublished interview with Julius Evola with subtitles. This interview deals with the themes of his works and his life, exposed in his book "The Path of Cinnabar". The interview took place in 1971, little before the death of the italian author."

Evola As He Is 
The Hyperboran Origin of Arthur
The Tradition of Winter Solstice
We Pagan Imperialists
The Primordial Majesty of The Mountain