Thursday, February 16, 2017

Follow The Trail of The Fox

The following paragraph is taken from David Irving's "Rommel - The Desert Fox"
From all the books i`ve read of him so far, I found this description the most picturesque. It shows perfectly on what a historian has to go through, search and discover in order to write a biography in a proper way. Also,  It portrays perfectly the life of a natural-born warlord with impressing achievements and a very controversial end. 

 "To get beyond the myth-marshal of historiography and discover the true Rommel, one must search in sources such as these. The Trail of the Fox leads from vaults in West Germany to government  files in Washington, from a military museum in South Carolina to presidential libraries in Kansas and Missouri, from the drawing rooms of Rommel’s surviving comrades to the musty attics with their tantalizing boxes and files of papers as yet unopened by the widows and families of the comrades who died.
 These  records  conduct  us  through  the  hills  of  Rommel’s  native Swabia, up  Alpine gorges, across the sand-swept  tableland of Cyrenaica, to the tangled bocage of Normandy. Sometimes the trail grows faint, or vanishes. There are gaps in the evidence that none of the documents, memoirs or interviews can
fill. Those aspects of Rommel must remain a mystery. But the trail leads eventually to a fuller understanding of this extraordinary man
, and to the final mystery: why he chose to die as he did."



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