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Varg Vikernes "Sorcery And Religion In Ancient Scandinavia" Book

"Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia’ is the latest book from Varg Vikernes, one of the most controversial musicians of all time and the mastermind behind one of the most acclaimed black metal bands in the world – Burzum. Convicted in 1994 of the murder of band-mate Euronymous, Vikernes has since spent 15yrs studying the traditions and beliefs of the Ancient Scandinavians and their influence on modern Europeans. That research has culminated in a book in which the outspoken and often divisive author challenges many of the widely held views of contemporary culture and its history.
The passionate and in-depth text provides an absorbing insight into the thoughts of this most notorious of musicians. ‘Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia’ makes fascinating reading and will be of interest not only to black metal and Burzum fans, but also to those with an interest in Norse mythology or European history and social commentators."

Available : 5/12/2011

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White Man Wake Up Or This Is Your Future!

Photo is taken from the recent riots in England. As long as the White man believe in the modern dogmas of "racial equality" , "liberalism" , "marxism" and similar poisons, every parasite from asia and africa will control the streets and our countries, backed up by their zionist patrons and their puppet goverments that giving them money and making laws to protect them. In the end, pictures like the one below will be more oftenly to our news and finally to our ourselves and our families.

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Few days ago, and in perhaps the warmest day of the summer, a group of people decided to visit a wonder of the Ancient Hellenic world. Epidaurus is located in the south part of Hellas. With 40 celsius above our heads, we followed the road to Korinth and from there the coastline to Epidaurus. Below are few photos from this place , its theatre, the archaelogical site and museum.

More info about Epidaurus here :

From left to right:
Me, Rafal(Death`s Abyss Prod.), Wargofft (Amalek), P. (Ex-Infernal War)

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Who Were The Strasser Brothers? Part 3 (Last One)

"Material from Otto Strasser went to make up the book Der Führer which was issued in the name of "Konrad Heiden", which, along with Rauschning`s above-mentioned collection of lies, was used in formulating the indictment of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg whereby leading Germans were put to death and barbarously so by slow strangulation. Strasser material was also made much use by Dr. William C. Langer as acknowledged in his book The Mind of Adolf Hitler (Secker & Warburg, London, 1972), a piece of wartime propaganda he was assigned to concoct by the American dirty tricks department known as the OSS. The kind of help muck-spreader Strasser gave to Langer can be distinguished from Strasser`s own offering of ordure entitled The Gangsters Around Hitler (W.H. Allen, London, undated but on British bookstalls in the middle of the war). Tpical of its filth is his tale of a film made, he claims, of two titled ladies from the War Office executed for espionage:..."when Hitler is unable to sleep he orders this film to be shown again and again. as he sits alone in the cellar which houses his private cinema" (p.43). Otto Strasser died in obscurity in Munich in 1974.
His Brother Gregor stayed on Hitler`s party till 1932 when his disruptive intrigues came to a head. Authors James & Suzzane Pool, in Who Finaced Hitler (p.382), reveal that during the autumn of that year the Jew Paul Silverberg, a very wealthy industrialist, secretly gave money to Gregor Strasser who, like his brother, while presenting himself as such a strict opponent of big business, was quite prepared to be on its payroll. The Jewish industrialist Otto Wolff, whom we have come across as paymaster for the Otto Strasser-Walter Stenes plot in 1931, also extended his purse to Gregor in this follwong year. "Like Silverberg, Wolff had contributed heavily to Strasser..." (p.454). When in December, 1932, General Kurt von Schleicher became Chancellor, he immediately offered the position of Vice-Chancellor to Gregor Strasser with whom he was conspiring as a move to disrupt Hitler`s party. Thereupon Hitler denounced him as a traitor, and he had to resign from the Party. This was not however, the end of his subversion. He was involved in Röhm plot two years later, and executed for this.

(SA Emblem)

Ernst Röhm, head of the SA in 1934, was akin to the Strassers in political outlook, wanting to pursue a further revolution in the military sphere by elevating the SA in place of the Army, just as the Strassers wanted to regiment industry through public ownership. If Röhm had had his way, the consequent upset to the country, when Hitler had only newly taken hold of it, would very likely have meant the downfall of National Socialism. At that time the SA, two million strong, was--under Röhm behaving like increasing grandeur--running out of Hitler`s control. A loyal SA commander, Victor Lutze, brought to Rudolf Hess eye-witness accounts of Röhm`s plans to overthrow Hitler and bring about a second revolution (Hess: The Missing Years, David Irving, Macmillan, London, 1987, p.22). Also Hitler`s personal pilot, Hans Baur, in his book Hitler At My Side (Eichler Pulblishing Corp., USA, 1986, p.79) records that Hitler told the author that the Italian Ambassador in Paris had learned that Röhm was planning an uprising, and had entered into negotiations with the French who had assured him they would not interfere, and that Röhm had already drawn up his entire lists for a new goverment. The Italian ambassador had notified the German ambassador in France who had informed Hitler, who, after agonizing dliberation, had to order the arrest and execution of Röhm and his leading connspirators, thereby by his prompt and necessarily radical action very rightly preventing the vastly greater bloodshed and turmoil of civil war."

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Who Were The Strasser Brothers? Part 2

"Otto Strasser left the NSDAP in 1930, setting himself up in opposition to Hitler. In 1931 he was behind the SA mutiny in Berlin--where many SA men were former communists--led by the Berlin SA chief, Captain Walter Stennes, who was advised and encouraged in the revolt by Otto Strasser. The authors James & Suzanne Pool, in their book earlier referred to, reach the conclusion (p.378) that "the evidence indicates that Stennes was financed by several important industrialists who were intent on destroying the Nazis" Otto Strasser himself admits in his book Flight from Terror that the foremost financial backer of Stennes was the Jewish multi-millionaire, steel and coal industrialist Herman Bucher. Hitler, by personal intervention on the spot, quicly swung the great bulk of the SA men away from Stennes and Strasser.

On Hitler`s attainment of power in 1933, Otto Strasser went first to Austria to continue his anti-Hitler campaign, then to Czechoslovakia. The Jew, Fritz Marx Cahen, head of the German Resistance Movement against Hitler, describes in his book Men Against Hitler (Jarrolds, London, pp. 140-142), how, when he was in Prague in 1935, he had a conference with Otto Strasser and others leading to a plan for united opposition to Hitler, and how thereafter he met Strasser at least once a week. The periodical World Jewry (28th August, 1936) carried the following report from its Prague correspondent: "The well-known rival of Herr Hitler, Otto Strasser...has published an appeal to the German Jewish emigrants to join the newly-formed organization of German Jews headed by Herr Rossheim."..."In his opinion the solution of the problem of the Jews in Germany lies in the direction of assimilation..."

In 1938 Otto Strasser moved to Switzerland and afterwards to France. The British ambassador in Berlin, in a letter to the British Foreign Secretary on the 18th July 1939, said,"So many people such as Otto Strasser and others of this world are seeking with intense, pertinacity to drive us to war with Germany"

According to W.J. West in The Truth Betrayed (Duckworth, London, 1987), at the time of the Burgerbraukeller bomb plot, November 1939, which failed to kill Hitler as intended--and which the German authorties held to have been masterminded by the British Secret Service working through Otto Starsser--there were in fact very strong links between Strasser and the British authorities through Sir Robert Vansittart (Permanent Head of the Foreign Office and later chief Diplomatic Advisor to the Goverment) who in October 1939 reccomended to the Foreign Secretary Otto Strasser and Herman Rauschning (Another defector responsible for a volume of lies etitled Hitler Speaks, exposed by Swiss historian Wolfgang Haenel). After the failure of the bomb plot it is significant that Vansittart turned against Strasser, clearly implying that his reputation was bound up with it (W.J. West, p. 155).

Otto Strasser`s friend and supporter, the author Douglas Reed, describes in the Prisoner of Ottawa, (Jonathan Cape, London, 1953, pp.172-75) how the former, while in France during the earlier part of the war, plotted against Germany with the Jew Georges Mandel, the Minister of the Interior in the Reynaud Goverment. With the fall of France, the roving traitor moved to Portugal from whence in 1940 the British helped him to reach Canada to continue his dirty work there."

To be continued...

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Who Were The Strasser Brothers? Part 1

During all the years of my involvement in the NS movement i encounter many types of people within and around as well in other countries. The most "strange" of them are the so called "Strasserites". It will take time to explain here whats exactly their ideas. In few words. These people follow the ideas of the so-called "Left side" of the German National Socialist party. Leaders of this side were the Strasser Brothers , Otto and Gregor. More or less these people claims that Hitler was an instrument of big capitalists and their "side" is the true revolutionary National Socialism. It was really like this? Ofcourse this sounds truly ridiculous to those who have study the history of NSDAP and its way to power. Though , for those who dont know perhaps the ideas of Strasser sounds charming. Years ago, some of his ideas sounded good to my ears as well. Though , after reading the Goebbels`s diaries (The years 1932 & 1933) i quickly realized which was the true role of Strasser Brothers. The words of a simple National Socialist like me is of no importance anyway, so i thought it will be better to put an article by someone who none can question his words, and its no other than the legendary and veteran British National Socialist Colin Jordan.
The article is quite huge and it will take me some time to sit down and typed it from the book "NATIONAL SOCIALISM - Vanguard of The Future" as i found it nowhere in the internet so to copy & paste it here. All those who intrested in the history of Nazi Party i`m sure you`ll find this article really intresting as it contains FACTS proving the role of Strasser brothers (I`ll not mention the modern Strasserites , their IQ is lower even from a Baboon) that you`ll rarely find mentioned somewhere else. NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES justified!

(Gregor Strasser)

(Otto Strasser)

(The Emblem of the "Black Front" , Otto Strasser`s political party)

(A motto from the modern day Strasserites)

Article taken from "NATIONAL SOCIALISM - Vanguard of The Future" ,and its a part from the chapter "The Enemy Within"

"Returning to the Strasser brothers, they showed themselves to be more more of the nature of national communists than true National Socialists, attacking private ownership of property (although upheld in the NSDAP`s manifesto) in favor of mere possession on trust for the state (usufruct)--propounded by Otto Strasser in The Structure of German Socialism (1931)-- and aclaiming class warfare in the name of the proletariat. As early as 1925 Gregor Strasser in a speech in the Reichstag called for an "economic revolution involving the nationalization of the economy". On the 21st May, 1930, Otto Strasser met Hitler and demanded what he called "real socialism" and no attacks on Soviet Russia. Hitler replied: "What you understand by socialism is nothing but Marxism." The next day in continued discusion Otto Strasser demanded the nationalization of industry, to which Hitler answered: "Democracy has laid the world in ruins, and nevertheless you want to extend it to the economic sphere. It would be the end of the German economy." (Who Financed Hitler, James & Suzanne Pool, Dial Press, New York, 1978; pp. 241-42) If the Strassers had had their way, National Socialism would have never got to power, for the would have disrupted its apeal, frightening off essential support. No sensible person can really credit these men with the ability to succeed in Hitler`s place in winning and holding the hearts of a nation.
Both the Strassers were confined in their concern to the economic side of the cause to the disregard of other aspects such as the racial. This deficiency, aggravated by their distortion of the Party`s economic policy, meant that they were always a couple cuckoos in the nest. National Socialism, properly understood, has never been a mere combination of conventional socialism spiced with nationalism, and thus yet another merely materialist doctrine. It most certainly derives from its conception of the Folk a strong belief that this racial kinship justifies and decrees radical social justice , and thus the belief--increased by its belief in the Leadership Principle, again derived from its racial belief-- that private ownership and private enterprise must be suject to national regulation and supervision to ensure that its productive efficacy is fairly distributed and in accordance with national requirements; but it has never accepted the idea that nationalization of property is the only and necessary means to adequate social justice, any more that it has been prepared to tolerate the anarchic inequity of liberal capitalism as the only answer and necessary means of preserving private property and enterprise. It had always stood for reconciliation, not a conflict of private and corporate intrests. However , along with this economic outlook, National Socialism has always been far more than this, being first and foremost a racial outlook from which its economic outlook has followed."

to be continued...

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Usa Vice President Joe Biden : "I`m a Zionist!"

Whats more outspoken than that? Also , notice from 2:00 and after how close came each other, the journalist and Joe Biden. Ok mr vice president, we got your point about how much you love jews. Not that we had any different expectations.