Sunday, August 7, 2011

Who Were The Strasser Brothers? Part 2

"Otto Strasser left the NSDAP in 1930, setting himself up in opposition to Hitler. In 1931 he was behind the SA mutiny in Berlin--where many SA men were former communists--led by the Berlin SA chief, Captain Walter Stennes, who was advised and encouraged in the revolt by Otto Strasser. The authors James & Suzanne Pool, in their book earlier referred to, reach the conclusion (p.378) that "the evidence indicates that Stennes was financed by several important industrialists who were intent on destroying the Nazis" Otto Strasser himself admits in his book Flight from Terror that the foremost financial backer of Stennes was the Jewish multi-millionaire, steel and coal industrialist Herman Bucher. Hitler, by personal intervention on the spot, quicly swung the great bulk of the SA men away from Stennes and Strasser.

On Hitler`s attainment of power in 1933, Otto Strasser went first to Austria to continue his anti-Hitler campaign, then to Czechoslovakia. The Jew, Fritz Marx Cahen, head of the German Resistance Movement against Hitler, describes in his book Men Against Hitler (Jarrolds, London, pp. 140-142), how, when he was in Prague in 1935, he had a conference with Otto Strasser and others leading to a plan for united opposition to Hitler, and how thereafter he met Strasser at least once a week. The periodical World Jewry (28th August, 1936) carried the following report from its Prague correspondent: "The well-known rival of Herr Hitler, Otto Strasser...has published an appeal to the German Jewish emigrants to join the newly-formed organization of German Jews headed by Herr Rossheim."..."In his opinion the solution of the problem of the Jews in Germany lies in the direction of assimilation..."

In 1938 Otto Strasser moved to Switzerland and afterwards to France. The British ambassador in Berlin, in a letter to the British Foreign Secretary on the 18th July 1939, said,"So many people such as Otto Strasser and others of this world are seeking with intense, pertinacity to drive us to war with Germany"

According to W.J. West in The Truth Betrayed (Duckworth, London, 1987), at the time of the Burgerbraukeller bomb plot, November 1939, which failed to kill Hitler as intended--and which the German authorties held to have been masterminded by the British Secret Service working through Otto Starsser--there were in fact very strong links between Strasser and the British authorities through Sir Robert Vansittart (Permanent Head of the Foreign Office and later chief Diplomatic Advisor to the Goverment) who in October 1939 reccomended to the Foreign Secretary Otto Strasser and Herman Rauschning (Another defector responsible for a volume of lies etitled Hitler Speaks, exposed by Swiss historian Wolfgang Haenel). After the failure of the bomb plot it is significant that Vansittart turned against Strasser, clearly implying that his reputation was bound up with it (W.J. West, p. 155).

Otto Strasser`s friend and supporter, the author Douglas Reed, describes in the Prisoner of Ottawa, (Jonathan Cape, London, 1953, pp.172-75) how the former, while in France during the earlier part of the war, plotted against Germany with the Jew Georges Mandel, the Minister of the Interior in the Reynaud Goverment. With the fall of France, the roving traitor moved to Portugal from whence in 1940 the British helped him to reach Canada to continue his dirty work there."

To be continued...

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