Thursday, August 30, 2007

Debunking the Myth of Homosexuality in Ancient Hellas

One of the biggest lies today is that homosexuals was widely accepted in the Ancient Hellenic world, something which ofcourse is a lie. Here is a video (With English subtitles) which you can take a good in-depth view about homosexuality in Ancient Hellas.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Irish Heathens PRIMORDIAL reveal new album

Finally, 2 years after the brilliant "The Gathering Wilderness", the Irish Heathens coming up with a new album. Here is the official Press Statement taken from



So we are finally finished the recording of our sixth album. After a few rain sodden weeks locked up in Foel Studios in North Wales “To The Nameless Dead” is for all but mastering and final artwork completed.

This time far away from the chaos and negative influences of a big city the recording process was far smoother and more complete then we have ever known. We left at the end quietly satisfied as opposed to feeling like our nerves were shot and far more stressed then we began. Much of this we owe to Chris Fielding who engineered it and put many long hours into its creation and to Dave Anderson who has created something we can only call a “good vibe” in the middle of nowhere far from the meddling influence of civilisation….immense thanks.

The sound is of course instantly recognisable as PRIMORDIAL but more powerful then before, heavier and richer with a much more rounded sound then before. Whereas "The Gathering Wilderness" was a dark often impenetrably bleak work “To The Nameless Dead” has found the fire in its veins to defy, to rebel, to stand up and oppose all. This is a vast and epic album, more pounding and full of rage than PRIMORDIAL has been for many a winter…

It is defiantly at odds with a modern metal scene that often seems to place banality, mediocrity and safety above passion, honesty and truth.It does not sound like a computer recorded it, it does not sound like a procession of riffs simply poached from metals founding fathers, it is not a mindless exercise in musical masturbation. This is Metal as it was meant to be played. With Passion…

We play music because we have to…this is in our veins. This is our culture, our history, our folklore, our heritage. We make no apologies, we will not compromise. And now with our sixth album “To The Nameless Dead” we are about to make our strongest statement yet…

Acta Non Verba
Ad Asperum Finem
Vae Victis

European release date – November 19th
First edition will contain a limited live disc recorded at Rock Hard Open Air in a lavish book format.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Southern Hemisphere rarely dissapoints!

How many of you are familiar with LONG VOYAGE BACK?
Its a band created by Phil Gresik who previously involved in other Australian bands like Bestial Warlust/Destroyer 666, Hobbs Angel of Death e.t.c. I noticed several years now the band`s name mentioned in many zines and playlists but for some strage reason i had never checked their material. Yesterday i found a track of them on youtube and i was fucking suprized!!! Long Voyage Back sound totally different from all the other Aussie hordes that most people know. Sounds to my ears like a mix of Irish Primordial (music-wise) combined with chanting-like vocals.
Long Voyage Back stuff now is a top priority for me and its something that i`ll for sure hunt down in the next days.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ingmar Bergmann lost the chess match with Death at the age of 89

I became familiar with Bergman's works a couple of years ago. My first touch with his films was ofcourse with the Classic Masterpiece "The Seventh Seal" (Original title "Det Sjunde Inseglet"). I was really suprized of how Bergman managed to capture so perfectly the magical atmosphere of the Middle Ages(The excelent performance of Max Von Sydow helped as well into this), the Black Death and the religious themes around it. The Seventh Seal is definately a big chapter in the history of European Cinema. Since "Det Sjunde Inseglet" Bergman created many films which to be honest i have checked only a few ( "Jungfrukällan" is another good film as well), but The Seal and only The Seal is enough to put Bergman in the list of my favorite directors.

Sometimes words are not enough to describe some things.Here you can see the 1957 trailer of "The Seventh Seal", those who already saw the film will understand what i mean, those who dont, i`ll advice you to throw now in the trash can the plastic hollywood carbage and put your hands as soon as possible to the real DARK ART!

Ingmar Bergman died few days ago (30th of July) at his home in Faro island , Sweden.