Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ingmar Bergmann lost the chess match with Death at the age of 89

I became familiar with Bergman's works a couple of years ago. My first touch with his films was ofcourse with the Classic Masterpiece "The Seventh Seal" (Original title "Det Sjunde Inseglet"). I was really suprized of how Bergman managed to capture so perfectly the magical atmosphere of the Middle Ages(The excelent performance of Max Von Sydow helped as well into this), the Black Death and the religious themes around it. The Seventh Seal is definately a big chapter in the history of European Cinema. Since "Det Sjunde Inseglet" Bergman created many films which to be honest i have checked only a few ( "Jungfrukällan" is another good film as well), but The Seal and only The Seal is enough to put Bergman in the list of my favorite directors.

Sometimes words are not enough to describe some things.Here you can see the 1957 trailer of "The Seventh Seal", those who already saw the film will understand what i mean, those who dont, i`ll advice you to throw now in the trash can the plastic hollywood carbage and put your hands as soon as possible to the real DARK ART!

Ingmar Bergman died few days ago (30th of July) at his home in Faro island , Sweden.

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