Thursday, August 9, 2007

Southern Hemisphere rarely dissapoints!

How many of you are familiar with LONG VOYAGE BACK?
Its a band created by Phil Gresik who previously involved in other Australian bands like Bestial Warlust/Destroyer 666, Hobbs Angel of Death e.t.c. I noticed several years now the band`s name mentioned in many zines and playlists but for some strage reason i had never checked their material. Yesterday i found a track of them on youtube and i was fucking suprized!!! Long Voyage Back sound totally different from all the other Aussie hordes that most people know. Sounds to my ears like a mix of Irish Primordial (music-wise) combined with chanting-like vocals.
Long Voyage Back stuff now is a top priority for me and its something that i`ll for sure hunt down in the next days.

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