Saturday, August 29, 2015

David Irving`s "Himmler" Is Coming!

David Irving, probably the best historian alive is going to release another great piece based on his always reliable and in-depth researches and sources. The biography of Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler.
Judging from what Irving writes at his site and say at is public lectures, this gonna be a full mammoth biography of Himmler from his early childhood up to his death in 1945. It was about time! To my knowledge so far there has never been a proper full biography of Himmler. But even if he as been one, i`m sure that there is things that none knew so far. 
For example:

- There was never a negotiation between Himmler, jews and allies. Hence, he was not a betrayer "acting behind Hitler`s back to save his own skin"
- Himmler was murdered (Beaten to death) by a British agent in a "specially fixed house"
- His diaries from his very young age and student years shows the truly exceptional and intresting personality he was. His noble idealism and remarkable character that led him to his marvelous political achievements during the Reich years. Also the diaries reveal sides from him that very few knew so far.
...and many more!

Anxious about it myself, earlier this summer i wrote an e-mail to David Irving asking how the progress of this book is going. Here is his answer:


Subject: Re: Himmler`s biography

Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2015 08:00:36 +0100


Work on Himmler is trudging ahead. Then comes the task of shortening him. Late this year I think.
He gets worked on every day

David Irving
Croy, Inverness (UK), Saturday, 20 June 2015 

David Irving as a top class historian is a perfectionist. Lets hope that the release of this book will be during 2015.
In the meantime, you can check these intresting videos:

An Irving welcome-video for his online bookstore. However this video is Himmler-related. He reveals a part of his sources for this upcoming biography.

An Irving lecture about Himmler. A really intresting video! there you`ll find more details on Himmler`s death (On this video Irving reveals the name of the agent that killed Himmler) as well his youth years and many other intresting things.

More info as soon there will be any....

Thursday, August 20, 2015

March of Blackshirts in The Waste Land

One more post to continue with some now very famous writters and their intresting lives and ideals prior to 1945 and the total surrender of Europe to the zionist forces. To refresh your memories on this subject, click the previous related post link at the end of this thread.

Here is the case of one more well known personality.

"The rats are underneath the piles. / The jew is underneath the lot. / Money in furs."
T.S. ELIOT Collected Poems 1963

The American-British nobel prize winner T.S. Eliot used to be huge admirer of Fascism. His poem "Coriolan"(The Roman general that Eliot compared with Mussolini) from his half-finished work "Triumphal March" is inspired by The 1922 Fascist March to Rome

Here is the poem:

"Stone, bronze, stone, steel, stone, oakleaves, horses' heels

Over the paving.

And the flags. And the trumpets. And so many eagles.

How many? Count them. And such a press of people.

We hardly knew ourselves that day, or knew the city.

That is the way to the temple, and we so many crowding the way.

So many waiting, how many waiting? what did it matter, on such a day?

Are they coming? No, not yet. You can see some eagles.

And hear the trumpets

Here they come. Is he coming?

The natural life of our Ego is a perceiving.

We can wait with our stools and our sausages.

What comes first? Can you see? Tell us..."

CORIOLAN I - October 1931

A side of "one of the twentieth century`s major poets" that very rarely (if not at all) you`ll hear about....

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Three BURZUM Unreleased Tracks

For all those who have not noticed it yet. During 2015 Varg Vikernes has already post three new & unreleased BURZUM tracks in his official youtube channel. Lets hope that from now on his music will not be only online, but in real formats too.

The new tracks are:

Thulean Mysteries

Mythic Dawn

Forgotten Realms

Saturday, August 1, 2015

DREADFUL RELIC News & Upcoming Release

Galactic Monarchy & Vitriolic Proclamations

The days that followed the summer solstice, DREADFUL RELIC finished the recordings of a new EP. 4 tracks + 1 cover. With its total playtime nearly at 20 minutes. To be released as 12" in the Samhain of 2015 by FROST & FIRE Records.

SHIELDHALL updated with one of the first interviews. An in-depth view into the philosophical and musical foundations of DREADFUL RELIC. 

"Archaic Conjurations" Demo (Last copies), T-Shirt and Patches are still available at FROST & FIRE web-shop