Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Benefits of Multiracialism

France said "No Fascism No Rascism"

The last weeks in Paris: Two north african islamists opened fire inside a satyrical newspaper and killed twelve communists. Afterwards outside the offices of the newpaper they killed an algerian muslim cop. At the same time another african muslim executed four persons inside a jewish supermarket.  Inside the kosher market, an african employee from mali saved some jews by hiding them inside the fridge. In the meantime the algerian wife of this west-african muslim fled to turkey and from there to syria. Also, in another suburb of Paris, a female municipal police officer of caribbean origin shot dead.

The benefits of  multiracialism. Whats more anti-racist and anti-fascist than that?

 For how long we, the indigenous TRUE Europeans will let our countries experience such "benefits"?

The way is onle one! Instead of becoming "juifs" let us be 

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