Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Faces of Rome

Cesares de Roma - A really intresting poject by the Spanish artist Salva Ruano.
Even if we have already saw many busts, statues etc of Roman emperors, with some of them to be really well-preserved, its intresting to see them again but this time as they look for real.
See below the making-of two well known legendary figures. The first Roman emperor Octavian August and Nero Claudius who has been slandered so much by the bolsheviks (christians and jews) of its time.

The hyperrealist sculpture at the service of classical Roman history 

When art and history come together

Césares de Roma was born from the need to spread Roman classic history from a more human, real and modern perception.

It is hyperrealist sculpture, the thread that manages to show with realism a vision of the era that until now we could only imagine, almost like a gap in time. Recreating the faces of Roman rulers and emperors who died more than two thousand years ago is not something that should be left to chance. For this reason and with the aim of bringing them back to our time, the exhaustive study of numismatics, sculptures, reliefs and classical literary sources that have reached our days, making it possible for us to approach the real aspect as closely as possible, plays a fundamental role. They could have those owners of the Mediterranean.

Future ambitions

Césares de Roma aims to be a didactic reference in terms of new ways of spreading classical culture based on emotional learning. Julio César will be the starting character of this unique exhibition in the world, which will transport the visitor to classical Rome showing from the final stages of the Roman Republic to the decline of the Julio-Claudia dynasty.

All this accompanied by the hyperrealist sculptures of its main protragonists, the emperors Augustus, Caligula or Nero, among others, together with a special part destined for the Spanish emperor Trajan.

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