Thursday, November 25, 2010

GOLDEN DAWN - Message to The European Nationalists


With the oportunity of our recent electional success in the municipal and district elections that took place in Greece on November 7th 2010, we would like to greet all the Nationalist fighters across Europe and especially the German fighters of the NPD. Our common Struggle for a Europe of free and sovereign nations, of social justice, against the enslavement to international capitalism and the ideological withering because of liberalism and the deplorable remains of marxism, goes on.

In Greece, with its capital Athens, literaly filled with foreigners, with the IMF having already enslaved our country and with Turkey becoming even more provocative, we decided to give the electional battle in the national municipal and district elections gaining in the City of Athens a percentage of 5,3%, obtaining a seat in the Municipal Council. Thus we crushed the conspiracy of silence imposed by the Greek media and we managed to make our voice heard across Greece, as well as in the rest of Europe. But this is only the beginning. The fight must go on and it will commence relentlessly until the final victory of the nationalist forces in the whole of Europe.

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