Monday, November 1, 2010


Finally, i had the chance last week to spend my holidays in Norway. A land that i have so much read, heard and listened about all those years. What to say really? Norway is a country of an incredible beauty. Nice landscapes, great weather and the mark of Nordic identity almost everywere (At least to the places i visited). Oslo was really good and not so bad as i expected it ( I had in my mind something like Copenhagen or Stockholm). Nice museums and some really good places to visit there. Though i`m glad that i spend a lot of time in the countryside, walking amongst hills and woods and gathering around bonfires. Every moment out there was like having in front of me a Kittelsen`s painting. Now i understand fully, this man captured the soul of this country in his works. Below is few pictures of this journey.

A view from the window

Afternoon in the hills

Gathering around the fire. Eihwaz (Disiplin) on the left and Me on the right.

Somewhere in the centre of Oslo

Oslo centre. I think thats the parliament. Nice bulding but for useless works(as in every european country)

Oslo centre. Outside the entrance of the National Museum/Gallery of Art

From the first view, a familiar place from the Varg Vikernes trial. The courthouse.

The statue in front of King`s palace.

A rainy morning. Outside the Viking Ship Museum.

A rainy morning. Somewhere between Asker and Røyken.


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