Friday, November 19, 2010

Evola As He Is

Here is a nice website titled "Evola As He Is". It includes several unpublished works from the Black Baron of Sicily. Dont know how old this site is as i have already seen some of those works always published in English language, but nevertheless there is a lot of stuff there to check out and to my knowledge (In most of them) these are their first version in english.

"We stand today at the end of a cycle. For centuries, without in the beginning being noticeable, multiple evolutions have destroyed in the West every physical and legal order, have adulterated every great perception for life, action, knowledge and fight. This movement of fall, with its speed and irrationality, were named progress.

We stand today in the middle of a world of ruins. The question is: do any people exist, upright on their feet, amid these ruins? And what should, what can these people do?

Like spirit, something exists that can be used as a trace for our inner strength, Strength of Revolt and Reconstruction. It is the Chivalry Spirit. It is the attitude of those who had always learn to fight even when the battle was ‘‘materially’’ lost. Those who knew how to give power to the words of the ancient maxim ‘‘faith is stronger than fire’’.

We have to be tested. We need to realise who we really are. In front of a world of moral swamp and with the principle that ‘‘satisfaction is before every other value’’ we must resist. We can not do otherwise. This is our Way. This is our Existence."

Barone Giulio Cesare Andrea Evola

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