Thursday, November 4, 2010

MANOWAR re-recording "Battle Hymns"

Ok, i`m not that sure if thats a good idea. Battle Hymns was truly great and has an amazing sound. Whats the reason the band to re-record it? Perhaps they are out of the ideas for a new album and those re-recordings are quite a trend lately. Though to be honest, SODOM`s "The Final Sign of Evil" which contains the re-recorded songs from "In The Sign of Evil" did not sounded so bad(Ofcourse nothing compare to the original).Even if the band have to release a good album since the 80`s(Sodom i mean). To the case of Manowar and since we talk about different type of music, i`m afraid it will sound too "Modern". Perhaps i`m wrong. We have to wait and see then...
See the video below with Joey DeMaio speaking about those re-recordings.

PS. Also i`m curious to see the new layout.

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