Monday, April 15, 2019

Great Lands and Fallen Walls

- The Great Lands Of Minas Ithil Demo #2 1994 -
CD 2019

Track List:

I. The Fallen Walls Of Agurak (A Time Of Misery) Part I - Remix
II. The Fallen Walls Of Agurak (A New Beginning) Part II - Remix
III. Love Poem For Elizabeth Bathory
IV. When The Istari Wizards Appeared In Middle Earth (The Days Of The Kings Had Come To An End)
V. Dorchacht (Unreleased)
VI. Ruins (Unreleased)
VII. Unsere Rache (Unreleased)
VIII. Tá Mé An Ceann Amháin A Mhaireann (Unreleased)

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