Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sad news from the other side of the Atlantic

A comrade has fallen...

The famous Wotanist and BRUDER SCHWEIGEN member David Lane died during his sleep under "strange" (But not suprizing) conditions few days ago.

Statement taken from http://www.davidlane1488.org/

"May 28th 2007 - It is with great sorrow that we say goodbye to our Brother, Friend, Dad, Hero "David Lane".. Our Hearts are broken and our family has lost someone who can never be replaced."

Here is the story & details about his death from Tom Metzger

"Recently David Lane 69 year old ORDER MEMBER was advised that he would be transferred from Federal Prison in Florence Colorado to an unknown destination. We both assumed due to age and poor health it would be a lower security institution.

David called me a few days ago and told me he was being shipped to the notorious Federal Prison at Terre Haute, Indiana. This prison David says was a gathering point for what the Oligarchs call Terrorists.Not a place for an older man with a bad heart. David said "we are all considered domestic terrorists now."He said he just hoped that the middle of the night trip would not include a black box they put over your arms and wrists that forced an extremely tortuous position.

David called the entire thing the DEISELING method of breaking or torturing prisoners.I told David that as soon as he was settled I would visit him since the prison is only a 3 hour drive.Several days past with no word. Then upon returning home from town two days ago there was a message on my phone machine. It was David but if you don't physically enter a code he cannot talk to you or leave a message. His voice sounded encouraging and in good spirits and I expected a call a bit later. It did not come.

This morning I received a call from April Gaede who had been contacted by the prison Chaplin who told her David was dead.The Federals murdered David as sure as they had put a gun to his head. There was absolutely no reason to transfer him unless it be to a lower security prison. They knew how bad his heart was but they did it anyway.We probably will never know what they did to him at Terre Haute. I assume it was fairly rough treatment.Never Forgive Never Forget. AVENGE OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS."

David Lane is finally free!! His passionate fight will not be Forgotten, his untamed spirit will be always a source of inspiration for us!

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