Saturday, June 2, 2007

DRUDKH "Enstrangement" album is coming soon....

I always welcome every DRUDKH release with open arms , so far , and despite the fact that the band have a new release out almost every 6 months, every release of DRUDKH is always something that never gets me tired. Anyway, all those of you out there who have the same opinion with me, here some good news taken from the Official website of SUPERNAL MUSIC.

DRUDKH (Ukr) Estrangement CD

"After their Neo-Folk opus, 'Songs of Grief and Solitude', with this latest effort DRUDKH returns to their Black Metal roots, with five long compositions in the epic and melancholic vein of 'Forgotten Legends', although with better sound, organic drums, and brilliant bass playing, in sum displaying the sophistication of 'Blood in Our Wells'. This DeLuxe edition will come in the oversize Super Jewelcase Plus format used in the previous album's own DeLuxe version, with a 16-page illustrated booklet, lyrics both in Ukrainian and in professional English translation, metallic green lettering, special paper, and disc pressed onto green polycarbonate. It will also be limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies, be out at least six weeks before the normal edition, and will be available to Supernal Music customers only. The normal edition, in comparison, will be unlimited and available everywhere, and come in a normal jewelcase, with a 12-page booklet printed on normal stock, lyrics in Ukrainian only, and an ordinary silver disc."

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