Tuesday, November 6, 2007

7th Annual Hellenic Youth Festival

Official statement of the GOLDEN DAWN

This yearʼs Annual Hellenic Youth Festival, which took place on Saturday 27th of October, in a wonderful location in a central Athens park, was the most successful ever. It was organized exceptionally, by the Youth Front of the Golden Dawn Movement, despite the provocation by the establishment and the media lies, during the preceding days. The numbers of the participants were high and almost 1000 people were present, in a pleasant afternoon. Everyone enjoyed the festivities, which included: Video projections with Nationalist activities and historical documentaries, speeches by the organizers of the Youth Front and the leader of the Golden Dawn Movement, N. Michaloliakos and, also, a live show with Hellenic Nationalist bands. The Festival was a good opportunity for many young people to learn about the principles of the Hellenic Nationalist Movement, to find literature about our Ideology and to get in touch with the Youth Front. This year, we set high standards for our future activities in the ongoing struggle for Race and Nation.

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