Wednesday, April 18, 2007

He escaped from the "Holocaust", and killed by a gook...

Once upon a time in America....

"A man, a hero, a father, a Martyr!

When he was young escaped from the evils of Nazism (Otherwise the number nowadays would be 6,000,001), a fearless man who run away from the ovens or becoming a soap in a bathroom of another monstrous-evil-satanic-cruel (Here open the dictionary and find any bad word you can imagine) German scum. After many years , he defended his students by puting his body in front of a gunman."

In case that you wonder for whom i`m speaking about, No , its not Magneto from "X-Men" , its a jew that died yesterday in Virginia Campus. Thanx to Yahoo who gave us this great story of another "Holocaust" survivor from the very few (Millions) that are still(Unfortunately) alive till these days.

Thats all that happened yesterday to the home of the free and the land of the brave!

PS.1 Please , someone to give me the e-mail of Steven Spielberg , i`m pretty sure that this will be a good scenario for a film. I want forward him this story.

PS.2 Did he died really or he will appear again in a few years as a "Virginia Campus Survivor"?

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