Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why this blog created?

As everybody familiar with my label, Totenkopf Propaganda is a small TOTALLY independed label created by me years ago in order to promote the music of bands that i support. Later, when my financial resources became better i expanded the whole thing and since 2000 i started to release stuff (Tapes and Cds later). Stagnation is a thing that i really despise and always wanted to move forwards, trying new things and taking risks...
From time to time , there are several issues from the world of Music, Politics, History, Art & Culture which i always discuss further with comrades. Many times , it came to my attention that several like-minded people did not notice several things which definately require attention and vice verca ofcourse. We are not surfing 24h each day online , free time is limited. Totenkopf Propaganda is a label, therefore its activity limits only to Musical matters.So, i decided to expand further in new areas, and OMAIMON PARADOSIS blog is created.
From now on (and depends on my free time) , i`ll keep posting news on various issues which from my own point of view deserve attention. The only responsible person for every post is me and no one else. In case that you are in a band or label and watching your work promoted at this blog and this hurts your feelings, just send me an e-mail and i`ll delete the post.
Closing , dont send me your news, asking me to put your posts in the blog. I`ll find the news and post them by myself. If you want your news posted , simply create your own blog. Its free and it takes only a fews minutes.

Blood, All for Blood!


  1. Looking forward what your sharp tongue will come up with.

  2. A welcome addition.