Sunday, April 29, 2007

Puissance have the Grace of God!

The masters of Classic Swedish Martial/Industrial PUISSANCE returned with a new album titled "Grace of God"

Here is a part of the label`s statement concerning this release:

"Three years after "State Collapse", the cogwheels on the Puissance-warmachine have been fine-tuned and put to work again, in a crushing motion that seems to be as defiant and innovative as ever. Forerunners in blending post-Industrial soundscapes with seemingly Wagnerian inspired classical scores, the Swedish duo's controversial portrayal of human life often tends to raise a mix of conflicting feelings towards them."

More info , mp3s e.t.c. here:

For those who had not the chance yet to obtain any work of Puissance, the label have several other of their albumms for sale. Get any of them(Or better, all of them!) , you`ll not be dissapointed!

And also dont forget to check the official website of Puissance :
There except the info about the band, you`ll find various articles about current situation of world politics e.t.c.

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