Monday, April 16, 2007

DRUDKH strikes again!

DRUDKH (Ukr) Anti-Urban 10" EP, 2007
Limited to 999 hand-numbered copies in brown vinyl, and available only to Supernal Music customers, this 10" EP presents two 100% exclusive Black Metal compositions by the jewel in the crown of the Ukrainian radical Black Metal underground, promulgating once again DRUDKH's nostalgic, anti-urban, conservative revolutionary sensibilities. Against the degenerate modern, liberal ideology of cosmopolitanism, urbanism, and secularism, and in favour of heroic, traditionalist values, living in harmony with nature rather than raping it. These tracks will not ever become available anywhere else, in any other format, either on their own or as bonus tracks in a future release.
We will take every care packaging these vinyls to ensure your copy of this gem arrives in pristine condition, the way it should always be.

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