Wednesday, October 10, 2007

David Irving "But now i`m ready to start again"

English historian David Irving continues to dissapoint his enemies. Despite all the witch-hunt from the system against him, David Irving stated in a recent interview to "The Guardian" that soon he will launching his comeback with a speaking tour in various cities and a series of new books.

David Irving is a man who faced jail, bunkrupted, and puted on several trials based on false accusations and lies. A True Historian who in his crusade for truth sacrificed his personal freedom. How such a man in his quest for truth and justice will continue this amazing work if at least will not have our financial support?

His books is already translated in several languages, but in case that you can`t find at your country. Buy them directly here:

This site also contains free downloads from several of Irving`s works plus a nice index with Documents on the Life and times of Adolf Hitler that rarely you`ll see in any other site.

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