Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cola Di Rienzo - The Unknown Roman Revolutionary Hero

Several weeks ago and while listening some parts of Wagner`s "Rienzi" i was wondering, ok we all know more or less the concept behind most of Wagner`s works. But i never checked whats really is "Rienzi", suddenly it came to my mind the words of August Kubitzek about Rienzi and Hitler`s comments about it:

"Rienzi had a great impact upon Hitler. According to August Kubitzek’s own words, Hitler was overtaken by a mystical obssession the very day they watched together for the first time Wagner’s opera, "Rienzi": when they left the opera, Hitler was silent and grim. When they reached a hill, he grabbed Kubitzek’s hands and spoke in a deep, harsh voice, far different from his usual speeches, exclaiming that Providence would bestow upon him a great mission. He was speaking as if he was overtaken by a Force, a Force that was speaking through Hitler. From that evening on, Hitler was ensured for his Fate, waiting for Providence to bestow him his Mission. To put it in Hitler’s words: "…to understand National Socialism, one must first understand Wagner, particularlly Rienzi and Parzifal"."

Searching for the history of Rienzi i founded out an incredible story behind this person. You can read more info about him and his life in wikipedia:

Further, a comrade found out and sent me the link of a book about Rienzi writen by Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton in 1835:

Rienzi - The Last of the Roman Tribunes

I myself, had not the time yet to check yet deeply this book but from the very few that i read here and there it looks very intresting and informative.Besides, the name of Sir Lytonn alone guarantee this i think.
And while the readers of this blog read this post and probably checking the above mentioned links, you can use as background a 13 min track(Live version) that i uploaded and taken from Wagner`s "Rienzi" and titled "Die Algunder"

P.S.1 The photo i post here is from a statue of Rienzi in Rome. The reason that i especially mentioned it here is this:

"The base for the statue is composed of bricks and other fragments from ancient Roman ruins, symbolizing the idea that Rienzo's period of rulership was based on the ideals of the ancient Roman Republic."

P.S.2 Speaking about Richard Wagner, we have not finished yet. In my next post to this blog, i have to show you something related to him that will help anyone who intrested to understand better and deeper the importance of his life and the meaning of his works.

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