Saturday, December 1, 2007

THE NIGHT AND THE FOG Part III "Underground Heathen Hammer" Comp. CD Available Now!!!

Finally, 4 years since the release of the 2nd Volume, the 3rd part is out now! Coming with 20-page booklet and including ONLY unreleased tracks from The Pagan Front and related hordes.

The Complete Track list is:

HUNOK(Hung) "Hadur"

DARK FURY(Pol) "A Gift"

TYRANATH(Usa) "Heathen Heart"

KRODA(Ukr) "Blood Rains Down"

ULFHETHNAR(Arg) "Warriors of The Eagle And The Serpent"

XENOPHOBIA(Usa) "Norseman"

PANZERGREIF(Fra) "Panzergreif"

EVIL(Bra) "Ancient Hatred"

GRAVELAND(Pol) "Spear of Wotan"

FJORD(Can) "Remember"

SOMBRE CHEMIN(Fra) "L`Aurore Fraternelle"

MARTIAL(Pol) "Mtot na Chrzescijanstwo"

EVIL INCARNATE(Usa) "Killed by The Lions"

SIGVEGR(Bra) "Chaos Propaganda"

Price : 10 Euro

Wholesales available and trades are very welcomed!

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