Saturday, February 16, 2019

ATHENS - Majesty Through the Centuries

ANCIENT ATHENS 3D is a honest attept to present how Athens was in different historical periods (from Archaic era up to 1800s) through 3D graphics. Even if the site is on its early stages, I hope in time they will put more stuff and more info. After all, Athens is a city with so rich history that you can never have enough.

The website:

 "This site was created in order to present the monuments and buildings of Athens from the Mycenaean period (1600 BCE) to the Early Modern period (AD 1833), through 3D representations.  

Begin your virtual trip by choosing one of the historical periods from the main menu. The periods were separated by taking into account the significant architectural and city planning changes and not the equivalent historical chronological ones (although they do match to a great extent). Each period includes a list of monuments and areas. In every monument there is a short description and other information along with their 3D representation."


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