Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Constantine Palaiologos - The Hellenic Way of Battle and Death

Constantine Palaiologos
(8th February 1405 - 29th May 1453) 

 "surrendering the City is not in my power, nor in that of its other inhabitants; all of us, with a common will and purpose will die, with no regard for our lives."

 In response to Mehment's terms for surrender

 "In this battle you must stand firm and have no fear, no thought of flight, but be inspired to resist with ever more herculean strength. Animals may run away from animals. But you are men, men of stout heart, and you will hold at bay these dumb brutes, thrusting your spears and swords into them, so that they will know that they are fighting not against their own kind but against the masters of animals."

From his last speech before the Fall of Constantinople



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