Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Once At Nuremberg


"I recently visited Germany and went to the "Reichsparteitag" in Nuremberg, the yearly rally of National-Socialist Germany.

What struck me most forcibly amongst the million and one impressions I received there were: (a) the wonderful fitness of every man and woman one saw, on parades or in the street: and (b) the refreshing atmosphere around one, the absolute freedom from any form of mental pressure or depression.

These people certainly live in spiritual comfort and the inspiring conviction of creating good. by next year they will have solved the problem of unemployment; there will not be a single soul on the dole in Germany.

To watch their boundless enthusiasm as they march past in endless formations, hailing their beloved "führer" Adolf Hitler is one of the most inspiring sites on earth. Hitler has a magnetic and most charming personality, which fully reflects the spiritual aspirations of this mighty people.

From Nuremberg I want to Munich, and there it was most striking to behold the individual fitness of this new Germany, with its organized and controlled national health. All the time I was there I never heard an angry word, and yet, far from being sluggardly, the people are keen and alert and full of life. They are happy; they are content and fully satisfied to live today for the glory of an ever better future.
Well may Adolf Hitler be proud of the rebirth of this great country and of the rejuvenation of the German spirit. The germany of to-day is the most pleasant country, and the Germans, under Nazi rule, a splendid example to the white races of the world - a mighty people, upright and proud, as, indeed, they have every right to be."


1933-1945 the NOW & THEN Series 

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