Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Benito Mussolini - The Daily Life of a Man

"I love all sports; I drive a motor car with confidence; I have done tours at a great speed, amazing not only to my friends, but also to old and expirienced drivers. I love the airplane; I have flown countless times.
Even when I kept busy by the cares of power, I needed only a few lessons to obtain a pilot's licence. I once fell from a height of fifty meters, but that did not spot my flying. Motors give me a new great sensation of strength. A horseback ride on a magnificent sorrel is also for me a joyous interruption, and fencing, to which I devote myself, often with remarkable physical benefit, gives me great satisfaction. I ask of my violin nothing more that serene hours of music. Of the great poets such as Dante, of the supreme philosophers, such as Plato, I often ask hours of poetry, hours of meditation.
No other amusement intrests me. I do not drink, I do not smoke, and i`m not intrested in cards or games. I pity those who lose time, money, and sometimes all of life itself in the frenzy of games.
As for the love of the table; I dont appreciate it. I do not feel it. Especially in these last years my meals are as frugal as those of a pauper. In every hour of my life, it is the spiritual element which leads me on. Money has no lure for me. The only things as which I aim are those which identify themselves with the greatest objects of life and civilization, with the highest intrests, and the real and deep aspirations of my country."

Benito Mussolini - My Autobiography (1928)

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