Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Grey Day At The Mountain Temple

In a different day, but continuing where we left off in the previous post about Mount Ypaton. At the same area but in a different mountain. This time we found out some info about the ruins of an Ancient temple with an oracle dedicated to God Apollo. Located in the middle of a mountain near to a village named Akraifnio. The nature of the place is truly awe-inspiring. From the very first steps into the area you`ll see mountains, lakes and rivers. Add to that the grey clouds of a sping raining day and here we have something that strongly reminds something from a painting of the Romantic era. 
Hopefully Hjarulv`s photos that following will give you an insight from the magic of this place. Afterwards i found out that there more remains from the ancient times there. So in the proper time of the year, a return will surely happen.

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