Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tradition Meets Innovation : OMNIPHI MEDIA

Lets be honest. The majority of White people today spend a big part of their lives counting the "likes" in facebook, making online self-prostitution, spend their time on gossip and their goal in life is to get the latest iphone or in general collecting shit they dont need. Fortunately, there is a small minority of people that use their skills to do something useful. To PROMOTE & DEFEND our European Heritage. Thanks that the people who run OMNIPHI MEDIA belong to this category. Check their website to the link that follows below.

 Support and Spread!

"For far too long the media has been controlled by a corrupt coalition who seek our genetic and cultural detriment. These "chosen" producers of mass culture have been herding us toward extinction. While most just enjoy the breads and circuses, the elite of our people are called to create a new renaissance through our culture creation. Tune in to the works of Omniphi for a Politically Incorrect experience."

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