Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Hyperborean Origin of Arthur

"The name Arthur is susceptible to various interpretations, the most reliable of which attributes to it the Celtic words arthos (bear) and viros (man). This meaning of a dreadful virile force is connected with a symbolism of Hyperborean origin and at the same time points to the idea of a central “polar” function. In fact, the bear is one of the sacred symbols of the ancient Nordic cult and simultaneously, in astronomic symbolism, corresponds to the “polar” constellation Ursa Major. Moreover, in the corpus of traditional texts, symbols and names eventually establish a relation between this constellation and Thule, a name designating the Hyperborean “White Island,” the traditional center. Thus the polar, the Hyperborean, and the regal elements converge in the figure of Arthur."

Julius Evola,The Mystery of the Grail

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