Friday, February 27, 2015


Mesogaia (Means middle-earth) is the name of the eastern part of Attica. This huge plain include a lot of historical relics from Archaic up to Medieval periods. As i mentioned in previous visits in this area( See at the end of this post for links) my plan is to return again and again untill i see the biggest part of Mesogaia. Thats why i`ll create a series of posts with the name Mesogaia. Dont know exactly how much time will be in-between the posts. This depends from my free time and ofcourse from the weather.

The first post is again from Temple of Artemis. This time with more photos from the place outside and around the museum. Also two significant parts inluded. The tomb of Iphigeneia and also the remains of another sactuary of Artemis located in the coast, few km away from the main one. Again all photos taken by Hjarulv.

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