Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New joke in Hellas : "Greek-turkish friendship"

Last weekend the turkish prime minister came in Hellas together with 10 ministers and 100 businessman. Our so called "Greek" politicians like their fathers and grandfathers , licked their asses and gave "earth and water" to the sultans. The new joke in Hellas these days in 3 words, "Greek-turkish friendship". I think there is very few people who believe this.

Though, Golden Dawn`s Youth Front had a different opinion. Thousands of Anti-turkish leaflets spreaded in centre and all around Athens. Reminding to our countrymen the wars of our Nation and the blood that spilled on the strife against turks and their allies ("Greek" politicians e.t.c.) through the centuries. In my next post in a couple of days, you`ll see that in this country there is still Greeks who think and act like true Greeks , not like modern Janissaries.

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